To ensure that the services are delivered efficiently and on time, our company ensures the awareness of the consumer towards the terms and services. This set of terms and services are there to help the consumers as well as our own company officials. So to make the packaging process as smooth and efficient as possible kindly read the description of all the terms and services carefully beforehand. If you do not read the terms carefully, the company will not be responsible for any later consequences. Further, these terms and conditions are updated regularly so make sure to keep an eye on them.


To get full access to or custom designing tools, strategies and styles, get yourself registered on our website. The registration further opens numerous opportunities for discounts on the packaging. Through registration, you will become our member and will avail all the benefits of membership. To register, you have to just follow the instructions provided. To make the account, enter the correct information with a personalized password. The strong password will make the account secure from any disruption will ensure privacy.

Customer provided content

Customization of the packages is done by incorporating the ideas, designs, pictures, or quotes by the customer. The customer delivers the pictures or artwork that is to go over the packaging. So it is upon the customer to provide us with the fully authorized content. If the content designed over the package is the intellectual property of any other individual or party, the customer is solely responsible to answer the allegations or lawsuit. By no means has our company taken responsibility for the content authorization. The customer will be accountable for the whole process of content validation.

We do not take the responsibility of making sure that the content is not stolen from anyone else. But if they feel that the content is violating some obvious social or ethical law they have the liberty to pinpoint that very thing.

You must take into account the following terms and conditions before your order to the Orchard Packaging. Further, you have to agree to share the content for customization of the product packaging with the following properties,

  • Content (pictures, art, quotes) should have your full ownership.
  • Figures or pictures must not affect the sentiments of any section of society.
  • The content must align with the governmental agendas.
  • It should not target any particular individual.
  • It is made to revoke the positive sentimentality in society.
  • It should be in alignment with the policies of public platforms.
  • It must not contain graphic imaging that is vulgar or threatens the mentality of any age group, ethnicity, or a particular group.


The team of Orchard packaging does not interfere unnecessarily with the customization process of the content but if the customer provided content does not align with our specific terms, they are liable to refuse the acceptance of such content or make it public to

  • Get the compliance of customer in following the legal process
  • Take responsibility for the content provided and follow all legal procedures for its authorization and validation.
  • Impose the terms and conditions of services

The designees of the Orchard packaging team will have the due rights for providing designing assistance but they will not have the obligations to designs and we further ensure complete discretion. To ensure further privacy of your information we secure your account password but you also have to take responsibility for your own account. By no means will we be responsible later on in case of breach of your privacy by some other third party.

Designing and use of tools:

Orchard packaging believes in innovation and creativity. To provide excellent services for our customers, we use modern techniques and tools for the designing of customized packages. Full assistance provided by our designing team ensures that the logo designs and package designs leave a strong mark on consumers.

Printing color and designing:

Orchard packaging believes in excellence and quality production of the packages that will satisfy our consumers. To ensure the quality we use the best techniques for the printing. But due to the change in medium, the designed package can vary in color and quality from that of the picture on the screen. But this variation does not affect the quality of the package at all and the margin of difference in color is just about less than 3%.

Turnaround time for the production:

The orders are delivered within a week after the finalization of decisions regarding the production material, printing designs, and dimension or size of the package. We deliver the package to your doorstep with no extra shipping charges.

Quality maintenance:

Orchard packaging is a brand that delivers quality packages to its consumers without any extra charger or other problems. We use to a quality paper of every king like corrugated paper, Kraft paper, bux board or many others. These materials are highly soluble after degradation and do not harm the environment excessively. Moreover, the printing ink used in a tonner is devoid of any toxic carcinogenic chemicals. The quality paper packaging is recycled able which makes it more so cost-efficient. We send the customized package after designing to the consumer for any further changes and the customer is to look upon the finalized design carefully, otherwise, our company will not be accountable for any default in design later on.


To make the best choice for the product packaging, we provide our customer’s different sampling options that include the samples from our already designed packages or customized packages made according to your given product. These samples are sent to our customers on demand. First, we provide a 3D sample design in e-form and after the finalization of the design in solid form. The sample designing and their supply will be charged accordingly at minor rates.