Orchard packaging’s aim is to give its customers quality services without any kind of additional hassle. We give our customers full liberty and time to make the best designing and packaging choices. We provide the sampling options in digital form or in solid form. Only when the design is decided, then the packaging procedure is carried on. So when the package arrives at your doorstep, take a careful account of the whole package. Then if there is anything wrong in terms of the package’s outer structure contact the delivery company first.  Then if there is any chances or problem with the product quality or designing of the package, contact our customer care team and they will assist you in the whole process. If there is any problem with our account, the customer will be entertained according to the policy.

Refund policy and its conditions

For the refund policy to apply, the customer has to fulfil certain conditions such as, color or design of the package was not according to the finalized design, the description or art on the package is not neat or clear, the quality of printing is not up to the mark, product dimensions or size or designs does not match with the sample and the packages were damaged when they reached the customers. When the sales are finalized and our error is verified, only then we will reprint the order without any refunding or credits.

The refund policy of the Orchard packaging is as follows,

  • When all these conditions are fulfilled and you have contacted our team, you can claim the refund of the order within 3 business. If you are unable to claim or inform our team within 3 days, the previous proposition is null and void. So you have to pay for the reprinting of the whole order. To avail of full refunding without charges, contact within 3 days, and our team refunds the product within 25 days after the approval of the refund.
  • To claim the refund, the customer must give clear evidence of damage. If our company feels that the customer is just trying to manipulate the situation we can cancel the order and also file a lawsuit against them.

Cancelation of order

And if you want to cancel the order you have to take into account the time frame of the manufacturing procedure. The order cannot be canceled once the packages are delivered, they can only be fully canceled in the designing step of the manufacturing procedure.

And if our customer cancels the order after the designing of the product, the company will charge the customer with a fixed %age from the total amount of order. For canceling of order customer must keep that in mind.

Refund after sampling

We offer our customers sampling options and when the customer has finalized the design and ordered a sample, the company will only charge you for the mere sample and no hidden charges will be added.

Delay in the shipment

The situation of recent times is not that reliable, so we do not take the responsibility of delay in shipment after the production of packages. Delays can be caused by the customs clearance department at airports, delays caused by the occurrence of any natural calamity like storms or pandemic, delays caused due to some technical fault, and other conditions like this. These conditions are outside of the control of our manufacturing team so we are not accountable for these conditions. Our production team is very efficient that delivers within a week but these factors are outside of human control so kindly bear with us.