Two Panel CD Jacket


    Two Panel CD Jacket

    Two Panel CD Jacket, With the advent of CDs, DVDs, and blue-rays, the video industry has revolutionized. Millions of CDs and DVDs are sold annually around the world and people like to make their collection kept with them around through these mediums. Also, these CDs, DVDs, and blue-ray disks are very delicate items and prone to environmental factors like sunshine, heat, dust, etc. Furthermore, the perfect custom two-panel jackets are the perfect fit for your record holder.

    Custom Two Panel CD Protective Jacket Covers

    Two-panel Jackets are perfect protective covering packaging that resolves the issue of saving your video material through normal wear tear of transportation. Also, these jackets provide safety from environmental factors like heat, dust. Avoidance from these environmental factors keeps your media devices for a longer period. Custom Two Panel CD Jackets are available in two styles. Those styles include jackets without closing lid and jackets with closing lids also. So, Orchard packaging provides you with both kinds of packaging boxes as per your needs and requirements.

    Material Quality

    Paperboard material is the ideal standard material for creating Two-panel jackets. You may get your jackets in paperboard material as well as other material types available on market. Materials available in the market are paperboard, cardboard, Kraft paper, and boxboard. If you wish to get your jackets boxes in any of these materials and want them in eco-friendly material. You should consult with Orchard packaging. We are providing all packaging material is recyclable, eco-friendly materials as per your requirements. All packaging materials are high-quality as well meeting the requirements of ISO guidelines.

    Design aspect for your two-panel CD Jacket

    Design variations are the factor that creates unique brand value and place in a specific market segment. Custom design aspects available for your CD jackets are embossing debossing, engraving of text. Numerous other ideas can create a unique Two Panel CD Jacket to protect all your CDs, DVDs, or blue-ray disc collections. Sometimes extra space is also provided for auxiliary items to be placed along with these jackets. These two-panel discs’ jackets come in multiple designs styles including a jacket with closing flaps and jackets without closing flaps. At orchard packaging, you can decide about your design choices and we provide you as per your desires and choices.

    Printing techniques and options

    The advancement of printing techniques and printing ideas has compelled manufacturers to think out of the box for their printing needs. Printed content for your Two-panel CD jackets is critical for creating and boosting sales for your business. Orchard packaging has served many customers with all printing techniques and created some of the most amazing designed and printed Custom CD Storage Boxes on market. You may create a complete list of content recorded in these CDs to guide your customers. Further, you can display complete content or specific content at the request of specific customers as per their needs. this vast space on your Six Panel CD jackets is also available for you. Now it’s up to you how you utilize it for the betterment of your business.

    Wholesale rates for huge quantities

    CD manufacturers produce these CDs Storage Packaging in huge quantities and for that, they require the packaging jackets in equally huge quantities as well. But getting these bulk quantities at the right prices and with perfect quality is what concerns most manufacturers. Finding the perfect features packaging boxes at a wholesale rate is very hard. Hence, Orchard packaging is available in solving this issue for many customers in the market. Also, we are available to serve you to select the right factors and features for your two-panel CD jackets. Our bulk order discount rates and offers ensure that there is something for every pocket and budget constraint. You should place your test orders with us to check by yourself about our quality and services.

    Benefits for your business

    Custom two-panel CD jackets provide numerous benefits to your business. First, these packaging materials are cheap and have low rates that ensure cost savings for your packaging material. Another great benefit is that you can use the available space on these packaging boxes for your marketing and promotional content. Market penetration is easy and convenient for your business to boost your sales.

    Why order from Orchard Packaging?

    There any many packaging suppliers who are serving in the market. Also, they have wonderful offers and industry experience as well. Moreover, the right partner selection is a matter of matching your desired features. Also, needs in your packaging boxes and finding the right supplier who is offering the most matched features as per your desires.

    Orchard packaging also with vast industry experience and a team of experts serving customers for a longer period. Our customers like to work with us due to many reasons including, the provision of quality material packaging boxes, quick and free delivery services, reliable customer care services, and proper guidance for the selection of your packaging boxes.


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