Tea Boxes


    Tea Boxes

    Tea lovers are found all over the world. Due to its planetary use, companies introduce different flavors like green tea, caramel, cranberry, cinnamon, and much more. This product needs quality packaging to keep the tea safe. Packaging is an essential tool of marketing that plays multi-functions. Packaging shows the world what you stand for and how your product differs from others. Orchard Packaging has skillful designers who design the Tea Boxes classy and attractive. Our experts always present stunning and trending design of packaging for our clients that helps them make their product isolated from their revivals.

    Eco-Friendly Tea Boxes

    The main reason for using Eco-friendly Tea Boxes is to keep the tea safe from moisture and humidity to retain its fragrance and provide the customers’ fresh taste. We provide sustainable packaging. Eco-friendly Custom Tea box Packaging is best to create a good impression of your brand on the mind of the customers’. There is an excellent variety of nature-friendly materials like Kraft paper, corrugated, and cardboard. These are created from wood pulp; that is why there is no chance of mixing any toxic substance in the product and providing the customers with a perfect experience of tasting tea.

    Make Your Brand Identity with Printing Brand Elements

    Tea Boxes are also to promote the brand in the trade market, but not just used to protect the tea. Every brand has its particular slogan and logo; when someone says yellow label tea, Lipton immediately comes to our mind. With the tagline, we recognize the brand name. Similarly, when some say supreme, we know it belongs to Brooke Bond. Therefore, brand slogan and name make you identical among your competitors.

    Our experts provide you with a sincere guide to design the logo or slogan on the Tea Box Packaging using colors that perfectly match your brand. We use trending designs that make your packages appealing and help you stand out from your product among hundreds of other products.

    Innovation in Design

    Presenting something unique is the key to success. To bring innovation to the packaging, you can use different add-on features that help you to deliver your product differently. A window die-cut with a PVC sheet is a perfect feature to show the customers. To make the packaging convenient to use, you can have a perforation. It helps the user pick the tea bags easily from the box.

    Finishing Options for Your Tea Boxes

    At Orchard Packaging, get immense finishing options to give a smooth and velvety touch to your packaging and make it eye-catching. We do aqueous coating for extra protection to the product from climate change factors. Moreover, you can ask us for the matt and gloss finishing. Besides all these, we also provide lamination for the Printed Tea Boxes that keep the product safe for a long time. You can also get the UV spot.

    Tea Boxes with all fantastic features are available in every size. You should be careful to choose the perfect size of the tea box according to the amount of tea inside it. If you use an extra-large box for a small amount of the tea, it negatively impacts the customer. Therefore, you can get our experts to help if you are confused about choosing the size. Our services are available 24/7. Contact us anytime for free experts support.


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