Noodle Boxes


    Exceptional features of Custom Noodle Boxes

    A noodle box is a necessity for noodles. Without proper packaging, hundreds of dollars will go to waste. In previous eras, noodles were a part of Chinese cuisine. With time, they traveled across the globe and got popularity. Now, they are treasured by all despite age or genre. Custom noodle boxes are available with marvelous and distinguishing features.

    • They protect the noodles.
    • Box prevents noodles to contaminate or pollute.
    • Noodle boxes secure noodles from adverse weather conditions.
    • A noodle box enhances the shelf life of noodles.
    • Noodle packaging makes them able to travel longer distances.
    • Boxes of noodles with enchanting prints are appealing to the customers.
    • They keep noodles intact and stored inside the box.

    Care for the environment with eco-friendly Noodle Boxes

    Truly, man has developed in ages in all sectors of life. However, every picture has two sides. One side of the picture narrates the success story of mankind. The other side is saddening with the destruction and devastation that happen as a result of development. However, there is never too late to be on the right track. Therefore, orchard packaging is taking an innovative initiative in the packaging industry. For this purpose, we keenly observe the whole scenario and then came to a decisive approach. We recommend and suggest you get eco-friendly custom noodle boxes. No doubt, it is a safe approach for the sustainability of the next generations. What could be a better option than a pollution-free environment along with sustainable development? Therefore, buy an eco-friendly custom noodle box now at orchard packaging.

    Improve your sales with eye-catching Noodle Boxes

    Truly, packaging influences people to purchase a product. While shopping in a mall or a grocery store, customers don’t open packets of products to check their quality. However, the quality of the packaging depicts the status of the product. Therefore, packaging is one of the most effective tools in marketing. Moreover, you can grab more attention of the viewers by standing out in the crowd through your noodle packaging. Also, impress your customers and surprise them with newness in the packaging. You can adopt packaging according to the festivals or events. In this way, you will earn a chance to grab more attention from your customers’ side. This will positively affect the growth of your profits. Additionally, help you in the expansion of your business.

    Enchanting printing and design ideas

    We at orchard packaging are offering numerous printing ideas for a noodle box to our valued customer. Enchanting and alluring printing improve the beauty of the product. Moreover, designing is like icing on the cake in this case. Various printing options are available for noodle boxes. Printed noodle boxes hit differently in the market than ordinary and simple packaging.

    • CMYK, PMS, No printing, Astropay card casino
    • Graphics, Coloring, 3-D printing, Digital printing, Off-set printing

    Printing is not a name of just developing a background or graphics but the proper name must be mentioned on the outside of the packaging. Therefore, the details include in packaging printing are logo, company name, directions to use, expiry period, and price of the product.

    Add-On options for customization of Noodle Boxes

    Customization of noodle boxes is important to take place in the market. There are multiple add-on options you can adopt for the packaging of your noodles. Finishing is one of the most impressive customizations to noodle packaging. It will add a glossy touch to the outer face of the packaging. Moreover, matte and shiny looks will enhance the beauty and perfection of the packaging. Customization of the noodle box happens in various steps. However, the finishing of the packaging is the last one. Also, finishing highlights the beauty of the noodle box and makes it luminous.

    • Lamination ( Matte/ Glossy)
    • Spot ( UV/Matte/ Glossy/ AQ )
    • Embossing/ Debossing
    • Foiling ( Gold/ Silver)

    Wholesale noodle boxes at an affordable price

    Orchard packaging is offering custom noodle boxes at wholesale rates. Furthermore, the rates we offer at orchard packaging are the lowest in the market. Our quality is exceptionally robust, rugged, and strong. Wholesale noodle boxes are available for bulk quantity orders. Also, we offer insane discounts and unbelievable offers for wholesale noodle boxes. We also provide offers and various amazing deals for retail noodle boxes. Above all, we are providing free shipping services for custom noodle boxes to our valuable clients. You can avail noodle packaging in Kraft, Cardboard, Corrugated, or boxboard material.

    About us

    Orchard packaging is a trustworthy and reliable packaging manufacturer which is engaged in the working day in and out. We at orchard packaging are working dedicatedly for your business. We are willing to uplift your sales through our amazing packaging. It is because we believe in the mutual benefits and growth for both parties. Moreover, we will deliver your consignment in the shortest turnaround. Also, we will meet your expectation. Let us give you a chance to serve you with our exotic and exclusive services.


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