Invitation Boxes


    What are Invitation Boxes?

    Invitation Boxes are wrapping covers used to send invitation cards for any event or occasion to their friends, family members, colleagues, or loved ones. So, simple envelopes for sending your invitation cards are not enough now. People nowadays like to get beautiful and elegantly designed Invitation Boxes for invitation cards. Furthermore, these boxes are available in various customization, material, colors, and designed as per the specific occasion, event, or relevant theme.

    Moreover, you can have these invitation boxes printed in your favorite colors, shapes, and designs to match your special events or for any special day. The creation of eye-catching and attractive invitation boxes has required a team of experts that Orchard Packaging possesses.

    Custom Invitation Boxes

    Invitation Boxes are compulsory now when you think about sending invitation cards to your family members, friends, colleagues, or loved ones on your special day event. For Instance, these Custom Invitation Packaging Boxes are available to cater to large corporate events as well as these Invitation Packaging Boxes are designed for any specific themed event for a normal customer.

    Invitation Box Packaging wholesale is designed and crafted using elegant material, designs, and custom add-on like, emboss, deboss, engrave, silver or gold foiling as well as silk covering material, etc. you should consult with orchard packaging for innovative ideas for your invitation cards for your special events.

    Digital Printed Custom Boxes

    Custom Printed Invitation Boxes bring life to every event. You can Stun others by designing these Boxes with digital printing options in various colors. These custom printing invitations are available in various color schemes like CMYK+1PMS, CMYK+2PMS, offset, onset, one-color methods. These unique and stylish Printed Invitation Packaging may stun your loved ones for their special day.

    These boxes keep their printing quality intact until the special event day. At orchard packaging, you can trial and test your designs through digital printing before selecting the final printing content and design for your boxes.

    Arrangement for differentiation of Invitation Boxes

    Invitation boxes may be customized in an unlimited differentiation manner. These customization options vary from material to a color scheme and box styles as well. You should consider the following factors for your top-notch boxes:

    • Material selection

    Select the right material for having top-quality invitation boxes for your special events. Cardboard, Kraft paper, and corrugate e-flute material variations are available from which to select your invitation box material. Everybody is free to choose from these available options.

    • Color Scheme

    Deciding about color combination and color scheme is a matter of personal preferences but the color scheme should ideally match the event or occasion for which the invitation cards are printed.

    Invitation box styles

    Various styles are available to choose from and choice completely depends on the occasion and event as well as the purpose for which invitation card is required. Style differentiation is available at Orchard Packaging:

    Why Orchard Packaging?

    Customers in a market like us and comes to us always for all their packaging-related queries and like to order and work with us. Hence, the following are some of the top reasons due to which we are preferring in the market:

    • Top Quality Printing

    We only select the top-quality printing techniques and our advanced printing machines ensure the design. Also, the printing of top-notch style and quality of these boxes to charm your special days.

    • Top Quality Material

    Our experts understand a selection of the right material for your Invitation Packaging Wholesale. As well as, help you to select and create these boxes with the right weight and style of material for your boxes.

    • Free Delivery

    Our fast and free delivery service ensures delivery of your packaging boxes within deadlines and we never compromise on our deadlines.

    • 24/7 customer care

    Our 24/7 customer care service is also available to solve your issues and problems. And is readily available to guide you for queries related to your Invitation Packaging.

    Wholesale rates for Custom Invitation Boxes

    Invitation boxes supply in bulk order quantity at a lower cost is critical. Printers these days seek the supplier who is providing Invitation Wholesale Boxes at reduced rates but also as per their required features. Orchard Packaging with industry experience and a team of experts has all the latest tools. Also, machines to produce top-quality box wholesale and deliver these at the lowest rates in the market


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