Hot Dog Boxes


    Robust quality Hot Dog Trays for protection

    Hot Dog Boxes, hot dogs are really popular across the United States. They are available in several flavors and meat types. However, they can create a mess while eating and holding because of the heavy sauces in them. Therefore, to avoid the mess light-weighted custom hot dog trays are the best and ideal choice. Moreover, they are equally necessary for a restaurant or a hot dog vendor. They make food presentable. Also, trays make it convenient to grab and eat easily without creating a mess. All these functions can accomplish only when the material for packaging hot dog trays is strong and rugged. The rigidity of the material will have the capacity to bear the weight of more than one-foot-long sausages on the go. Further, they are also important for protecting edible items against pollutants or any contamination.

    Custom Hot Dog Trays in several styles

    Hot dogs are available in numerous sizes. So as the tray for placing hot dogs is also available accordingly. However, you can make each size customized according to your need. Further, custom hot dog trays are the best to select to expand your business. Customization is also available in several styles. Moreover, the length, width, and height of the custom hot dog tray adjust according to the measurement given by the client.

    • Length: 11 inches
    • Width: 3-4 inches
    • Shape: longitudinal rectangle
    • Sizes: 12pt, 14pt, 16pt, 18pt, 20pt, 24pt
    • Style: open tray, foldable box tray, auto bottom tray, Front tuck box, Window die-cut with PVC

    Improve your sales by customizing Hot Dog Boxes

    Customized hot dog trays in multiple styles are available at orchard packaging. Beautifully designed custom hot dog boxes are bewitching in appearance. Also, you can avail sophisticated simple white hot dog tray for your business. We are providing the best quality packaging for hot dogs to our customers. You can improve the sales of your hot dogs by improving your packaging. Beguiling packaging boxes for hot dogs can appeal to customers toward your hot dog. It will last a good impression on your customers. Also, they will feel at ease in eating a hot dog and became loyal to you. In this way, you can find a visible boost in your sales and generate more profits from it. Additionally, it will help you to expand your business to endless borders.

    Wholesale Hot Tog Boxes at an economical price

    We are offering different discounts on deals for your hot dog trays. These trays are according to your need and budget. Truly, these are budget-friendly and pocket-friendly overall. However, you can select any of them accordingly. If you don’t find your required quantity in deals or packages, call us at our helpline. Our customer care representative will note your complaint and guide you accordingly. However, we are providing wholesale hot dog trays for bulk orders. Also, you can avail retail hot dog trays at affordable and economical rates. Above all, we offer up to 50% on multiple deals for your convenience. You can get a pack of 250 trays or a sack of up to 5000 trays. It is up to you which option you select.

    Unique and iconic Custom Boxes

    Idealistic and iconic custom hot dog trays are available. Captivating and sophisticated designs in white or multi-color trays are available according to your requirement. Custom hot dog tray boxes print with raised ink. Moreover, for enhancing the glow of the box you can add shiny lamination or foiling to the hot dog tray. It will make it glamorous and luminous. Also, it will increase the visibility of the box. Incredibly designed custom hot dog boxes are prepared at orchard packaging. They are easily assembled. The shipping of these hot dog trays occurs in a flat shape. Also, you can avail yourself of up to 50% off on custom hot dog packaging boxes.

    Free exceptional services at Orchard Packaging

    Custom hot dog tray boxes are available at orchard packaging with idealistic and innovative features. These features enhance the beauty and glamour of the box. Moreover, the sturdy nature of the material is impressive. We are providing incredible and exceptional services to our valued customers:

    • Free shipping service at the doorstep of the customer. We believe in mutual collaboration and building long-lasting reliable bonding with our clients.
    • Further, we care about your needs and problems. Therefore, we are offering free customer care service to resolve all your packaging issues. To satisfy you with our work is our remuneration.
    • Above all, we are providing free design support for hot dog trays to our valued customers. It will help you in saving hundreds of dollars in terms of designing services.

    The versatility of our Hot Dog Trays and Boxes

    Orchard packaging is the final destination for the packaging of hot dog trays. Our material is sturdy, rugged, strong, eco-friendly, and user-friendly. Moreover, we are using composting material that can degrade into the soil and be a part of it. Further, we are offering the shortest turnaround delivery within 6 to 12 working days at your doorstep. You can customize your tray of hot dogs in any shape, size, design, printing at orchard packaging.


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