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    Custom Hairspray boxes

    Hair sprays are consumed widely at salons, parlors, and homes. Boxes are also necessary for providing extra care to aerosol sprays. Some of them are highly inflammable. Therefore, their protection is necessary as the utmost priority. Hairspray boxes are playing a vital function to protect the inside chemical. They are available in custom shapes and sizes. Printing and designing the hairspray box are also done with hundreds of options. So, hurry to place your order at orchard packaging!

    Custom boxes for hair spray

    First of all, spray boxes have to keep the internal product intact at its place. Secondly, it must play a vital role in protecting the spray. Thirdly, boxes for hairsprays prevent them from extreme weather conditions. Above all, they have to travel long distances and boxes aid them efficiently. The box is mandatory for a hair spray. Before launching your product in the market, you have to do work on the appearance of the box. To make appearance captivating you can customize the packaging of hair spray. Following customization options are available for Hairspray Packaging:

    • Shape ( reverse tuck, front tuck, straight tuck, auto bottom)
    • Styles ( Window die-cut with PVC, Boxes with handle, Sleeve packaging)
    • Sizes ( 8pt to 28pt)

    You can avail of any other option or variation in the above-mentioned options as per the choice of the customers.

    Custom Hairspray Boxes with eye-catching designs

    Although the packaging is playing a vital role in the protection of the product it is also necessary for the image of a brand. Numerous companies are supplying their hair sprays in the market. So, you have to achieve the look that can make your product distinguish from the others. As well, distinguishing features of a product are the key factor behind its success in the market. Moreover, you can avail free designing options from our experts. Hence, our skilled and talented graphic designers are professionals. They know the strategies of packaging in-depth and can guide you better.

    Also, with the assistance of our designers, you can avail the look for your product which you desire. Most importantly, it is free of cost. So, make your hairspray packaging as alluring as it can grab the attention of the customers.

    Improve your product sales through customization

    The market has its strategies and these tactics are fluctuating with time. For ensuring your survival in the market, you must have to keenly observe these fluctuations. Customization of the packaging of hair spray is mandatory for this purpose. Designing and other options are utilized to enhance the outlook of the product. Customization is available in the given options:

    1. Designing with alluring printing
    2. 3-D printing and digital printing for up to date packaging
    3. Festive promotions on the packaging
    4. Hair packaging with logo
    5. Finishing with lamination or spotting
    6. Addition of embellishment for making it more appealing
    7. Strip colors or amalgamation of different colors
    8. Addition of handle or gable in the box

    With the help of these customizations, you can improve your sales and generate more profit from them.

    Nature-friendly custom Hairspray Boxes

    We do care about the packaging of your product. However, we also realize the importance of climate change. We don’t want to do development at the stake of our next generation’s future. Therefore, we are working innovatively and passionately. We are offering multiple options in the material of the packaging such as:

    • Kraft paper
    • Cardboard
    • Corrugated card stock
    • Bux card stock

    These options are available to customers. First of all, they are nature-friendly. They are recyclable and working on the formula of 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle). Secondly, they are pollution-free. Above all, they are pocket-friendly and less costly. You don’t have to break your bank for the packaging of your product. It will remain budget-friendly for your product.

    Necessary printing details on the hair spray packaging

    Printing is the soul of packaging. You must put effort to make your packaging lively to grab the attention of the customer. It must be enchanting enough to provide visual delight. Necessary printing must be done on the hair spray packaging such as:

    • Product name and ingredients
    • Company name with logo and trademark
    • Directions to use and precautions in case of misuse
    • Manufacturing and expiry date

    All these details are mandatory for the printing of the packaging hair spray boxes. These are done with the instructions of the customers.

    Free shipping at custom Hairspray Boxes wholesale

    Custom hair spray boxes wholesale is produced in bulk quantities. They are pocket-friendly and cost-effective. Custom hair spray boxes wholesale as well as retail are available at Orchard Packaging. We are offering free shipping services at your doorstep or your given location. You can also enjoy our free customer care services and free designing services for your hair spray packaging box. Discounted rates are offered at wholesale custom hair spray boxes. Insane offers and unbelievable discounts are provided by the orchard packaging. Call us in case you are having any query or problem at the given number or contact us via mail.


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