Hair Extension Boxes


    Custom Hair Extension Packaging Boxes

    Hair extensions are abundantly used among females of all ages, particularly on festive occasions. Hairs are delicate and need more security from moisture and dust. So, they came in proper packing which provides high safety. It also preserves them against dust particles and adverse weather conditions. One function is to prevent them from any kind of damage. Hair extension boxes came in multiple packaging designs and styles. We at orchard packaging can provide these boxes with customization as per the desire of the customer. Book your order now.

    Customization of the hair extension boxes

    Hair extension boxes are customized according to the choice of the customer. Customization can be done in the shape, style, and pattern of the product. Product demand is the primary factor in packaging manufacturing. Hair extensions came in various sizes. Therefore, boxes of these hair extensions are produced according to the product. Shapes and styles of the custom hair extension boxes are manufactured as per the directions of the client. These customizations are done to enhance the beauty of the packaging. It makes the inside product more attention-grabbing. We do customizations including:

    • Sizes( 10pt to 28pt or as per requirement)
    • Shapes ( longitudinal, rectangular, or as per instructions)
    • Styles ( Window die-cut, Sleeve packaging, Auto bottom box, or as per directions)

    Benefits of personalization

    A brand must have recognition in the market. Also, there are multiple brands in the market. These brands are producing the same product. As well as, This increases the options for the customer. The conclusion is the higher competition among various brands in the market. If you want to launch your product in the market, you must come with alluring and enchanting ideas to approach your customers.

    Furthermore, the personalization of the custom hair extension packaging boxes is performed as per the choice of the client. However, numerous options are available in this regard:

    • Designing ( strip designing, motif addition, ribbons on the box, etc)
    • Printing ( CMYK, PMS, No printing)
    • Finishing ( matte/glossy lamination, matte/glossy/AQ/UV spot, embossing)

    So, personalization of the box with captivating designs and vibrant colors can appeal to more customers’ attraction. This will pave the pathway for an increase in sales. More sales will increase the profit and help you generate more business revenue.

    Eco-friendly boxes

    With the advent of technology, man progressed rapidly. This progress and development where bring multiple advantages for us, there it also came with numerous disadvantages. Some of them are serious and concerning for us. The major factor is the devastating changes in the weather conditions due to climate change and global warming. We care about the future of our next generations. Therefore, we take this innovative step in the field of packaging. We are manufacturing custom hair extension boxes with nature-friendly materials.

    They are pollution-free. Eco-friendly custom hair extension boxes can help the environment to maintain its equilibrium. They are recyclable and can use again. We are supporting sustainable development models. Therefore, we are recommending and suggesting our valued customers adopt the same approach. It will help you play a contributing role in the health of the planet on which we are breathing.

    Custom hair extension packaging boxes wholesale

    If you are producing custom hair extension packaging in bulk quantities, then you must go for an option of wholesale. We are dealing with custom hair extension packaging at wholesale as well as retail. However, in wholesale orders the cost cut-off as compared to the retail orders. Also, it remains cost-effective and time-efficient as compared to retail. We are offering custom hair extension boxes wholesale with multiple offers, subscriptions, deals, and packages. Not only these deals are unbelievable but also we are offering discounted prices.

    We are also offering free shipping at your doorstep for your ease. We care about your image in the market. Therefore, we are offering you free customer care services. Moreover, our customer care representatives are available all time to resolve your queries. As well as, to serve you with the best quality product is our ambition and we are struggling hard to meet all your requirements.

    Why choose orchard packaging

    Orchard packaging is the name of trust and reliability. As well as, our main focus is to provide our customers with excellence. Orchard packaging is a USA-based packaging company that is dealing with all your customized hair packaging boxes. We are offering durable and environmentally friendly materials for the packaging of your product.

    We are also providing a huge range of customization options as per the demand of the customer. Custom hair extension packaging is also available in tons of designs. Although, if you have mixed thoughts about the design of your product, then consult with our designing department. You can select any design from our catalog. Our expert designers are offering exceptional services without charging any penny.


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