Gift Boxes


    Express your emotions through custom Gift Boxes

    Gifts are one of the most common and ancient ways to express your gratitude or emotions to someone for various reasons. Custom Gift Boxes enhance and glorify the whole gesture of this gratitude by providing another level of presentation through which one expresses himself to his loved ones. Personalized Gift Boxes are available in a variety of material grades. And individually personalized create the aura around the gift item and establish complete ambiance before revealing the actual gifted item.

    Charm your event and occasion through Gift Boxes

    Giving and taking gifts from loved ones or friends and colleagues is common nowadays. Whether there is any occasion or event, people like to greet their loved ones through unique, stylish, and lavish gift items. These gift items are packed in equal elegant and stylish Gift Boxes to further enhance the importance of the gift. Corporate events are another occasion where these customized individual Gift Boxes become the center of attraction and gifts presented in stylish and luxurious packaging keep reminding the participants about the event even after a long time.

    Gorgeous boxes at affordable rates

    Many retailers and gift shop owners are concerned about getting Gift Box Packaging at lower rates. As these packaging boxes vary with style and luxury that sometimes causes high prices to create. At Orchard packaging, we are providing Gift Box Wholesale at affordable prices as well as discounts on your bulk order quantities to help you reduce your packaging cost. We deliver this packaging wholesale free of charge to your doorstep to further minimize your packaging cost. You should give us your packaging order without any hesitation and see the results yourself.

    Creative thinking and attractive designed Gift Boxes

    People like to give unique and creative gift items to their friends, family, or loved ones. About the gifts which we present they spend lots of time thinking and deciding. It is also important to select an equally unique and elegant packaging box to wrap these gifts. Unique and innovative thinking sometimes brings some of the most astonishing Gift Boxes that mesmerize every eye and receive praises from all over.

    Orchard packaging designers are some of the most innovative and talented when it comes to the designing of Custom Favor Boxes. You should give us your order and see by yourself that how well we know our work to surprise you with our packaging boxes ideas and designs.

    Customization as per corporate or general event theme

    Custom Gift Boxes are available in various styles, materials, sizes, colors, and price ranges to match the budgets accordingly. The material of the packing boxes varies depending on the weight of these boxes, which makes these Gift Boxes Wholesale more stylish and high quality. Further, these gift boxes are available in a variety of sizes to match with gift size through some minor tweaks.

    Orchard Packaging is served in the market for many years with unlimited customization options for corporate events as well as for individual events or gifts also. We are creating Gift Boxes as per the predefined theme to match with events or occasions.

    Where to order your box packaging?

    Orchard Packaging is solving Gift Box Packaging problems for many gift shops and retailers as well as corporate customers. Our unique customization ideas are winning the hearts of many customers.

    • High-Quality Material

    The Gift Box Packaging material used by us is premium-quality. We further ensure elegance and beauty through custom add-ons. Our packaging experts understand packaging material well and choose as per the event or occasion.

    • Free Devilry Services

    We provide free of charge delivery of your packaging wholesale at your doorstep with a just-in-time mechanism. We ensure timely delivery of your packaging orders and never compromise on it.

    • Fast Delivery

    We offer one of the quickest delivery services from our competitors. Our logistics services are well versed with the requirements of fast. Also, robust delivery services and ensure timely delivery every time.

    • 24/7 customer care

    Our 24/7 customer care service is another gem of service which is appreciated by many of our clients. Our customer service staff is very efficient when it is the matter of providing you guidance or solving your queries.


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