Food Boxes


    Importance of Custom Food Boxes

    • Food protection

    Food Boxes, the food processing industry is working day and night to provide a variety of food items to a variety of consumers for various needs. As food items require to store for the longer term and required transportation as well for delivery to consumers. Food protection has gained much importance due to all these reasons.

    • Marketing

    The entrance of many food processing companies and retailers has saturated the industry drastically. These food processing companies as well as new entrants now require new marketing channels for their product penetration. These Food Boxes provide another cheap and innovative way to market their product.

    • Delivery

    The increasing trend of food delivery is another reason due to which Food Boxes Packaging has gained much importance. These food processors are preferring good-quality packaging boxes to ensure the safe delivery of their food items to consumers.

    Customization arrangements for custom food boxes

    Various customization options available in food boxes have liberated and reduced the worries of food processors and retailers. Now they have unlimited options for customizing their Food Boxes as per their product and packaging requirements. Customizations options cater to factors like material selection like cardboard, card box, or Kraft paper. Further add-ons like extra-edge, pockets, window-cut, gloss, etc. have allowed them to further enhance the packaging look and style.

    Orchard packaging has the expertise in packaging in any kind of customization and needs as per your desire. Our experts are working day and night and bringing innovative solutions for many retailers and manufacturers across industries.

    Custom food boxes with delightful and attractive printing options

    Brands and retailers are reaping the benefits of stunning quality of printing content on their packaging boxes by using advancements in printing techniques. So, many packaging suppliers are well-equipped with the latest packaging tools. For instance, stunning many customers through their output quality and innovation. Hence, as these printing techniques have improved, more and more companies are choosing these options to decorate their display boxes to create customer engagement.

    They are displaying their brand logos to attract new customers. Displaying ingredient quantities to printing product usage guidelines, they are taking the advancing of printing with utmost brilliance. You should also don’t ignore this emerging feature of Food Boxes Wholesale and decorate your packaging boxes with innovative designs and prints to mesmerize your customers.

    Custom wholesale prices custom food boxes

    The food processing industry is growing rapidly but increasing prices of packaging boxes have created concerns for all. The food processing industry, as well as Bakery Boxes, is a low-profit industry and food processors strive hard to reduce costs from overall operations to maximize their profits more. The same applies to the packaging of their food items as well. They continuously try to find packaging solutions that are cheap and within their budgeting range and without any compromise on the quality of packaging boxes.

    Moreover, Orchard packaging understands this dilemma well. Furthermore, has designed its packaging offers in such a way that it has something for everyone and every pocket. We have designed our amazing bulk quantity bundle offers for Custom Food Boxes without compromising much with quality in our products and services. Also, you should come to us for your packaging needs and pricing concerns and we will create a packaging solution for your exact needs as well.

    Reasons to choose Orchard Packaging

    Orchard packaging always promotes and believes in the outstanding quality of Custom Boxes Wholesale for your food items. Irrespective of ordering quantity and requirements, our experts deliver what they commit and satisfy your requirement as per your desire.

    • Fast delivery Just in time delivery of food box packaging is a major concern as customers require their Food Packaging boxes immediately without any delays to meet their packaging needs. we ensure fast delivery at a committed time frame which is also free of charge.
    • Innovative Printing services our innovative and talented graphic designers have vast experience and grip on the latest trends. They are working hard and creating mesmerizing graphics to stun and attract customers from across industries. They understand how specific graphics will look in specific material and print those designs as per requirements.
    • Our 24/7 customer service is always available to solve all your queries and provide you with instant solutions for your packaging-related problems.

    Based on all above mention reasons you should consider us for your packaging orders to test our talent. Also, experience to stunning you from our creation as well.


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