Double Wall Tray Boxes


    Double Wall Tray Boxes

    Double Wall Tray Boxes nowadays, every product is coming in packaging. It is important for the protection and transportation of the products and for making the sale. Packaging should be friendly in use and sturdy to keep the product secure from all kinds of damage. There is a variety of packaging in the market, and Printed Double Wall Tray Packaging is one of them. These boxes have all the properties of excellent packaging. Adding a lid to it can increase its functionality. We make these wider wall boxes in any shape, rectangular and square, with one common thing that is their wall thickness. The material used for manufacturing these boxes is very sturdy and reliable. The thickness of the box does not vanish its beauty.

    Therefore, if you search for premium quality boxes that can hold your sensitive and delicate products secure and enhance their worth at the same time, these boxes are the best option. You can customize these boxes from one of the most trusted customizing companies, Orchard Packaging. You can fully trust us to design these boxes with your desired features.

    Benefits of Personalized Double Wall Tray boxes

    These boxes are extensively used due to their immense benefits because nothing happens without reason. Therefore, the purpose behind using these Double Wall Tray boxes is their great benefits. Companies prefer to choose these boxes because these can be used for bakery items, cosmetics, and garments. Doble wall try boxes are best to pack gifts. You mold its shape and size according to the product’s needs. These boxes play a significant role in branding.

    These boxes with logos are best for brand promotion and storage purposes too. The products packed in these boxes give an aesthetically appealing look and stay intact for a long time.

    Customizing Options for the Double Wall Trays

    The structure of these boxes provides you a free space to print a message on behalf of your brand with other brand elements. Like all other Custom Boxes Wholesale, you can design these boxes in any size and style. The addition of die-cut and all other add-on features can increase its worth and bring richness.

    • Branding

    Printing a brand logo by embossing and debossing on the lid will boost your brand, and people can easily recognize your product among hundreds of other products.

    • Give a Boost to Your Sale

    Eye-catching products always attract customers. So, if you want to boost your sale, these custom Double Wall Tray boxes are the most satisfactory choice. When your product goes into the market with appealing packaging, it grabs the customers’ attention.

    Get Best Services at Orchard Packaging

    The team of Orchard Packaging is well equipped with experience and works with sincerity and shares their ideas with clients. After satisfaction, they design the boxes. You can also ask for a free 3D mock sample here at OP. We use 100% biodegradable material and the latest printing techniques. You can avail of our services anytime. Our quality and low rates make us famous and a favorite in the industry.


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