So you launch a new brand and start a new business and now want to promote it. We will tell you the easiest way to advertise your brand in a short time. Use decals or labels of your brand, but you have to design these labels carefully by considering all your needs. There are many things that you have to consider while designing them, such as size, color, and duration.

    • Size

    Size are you looking for tinny stickers like just your brand logo? Or something big that can go past on the screen of the car? We will provide you with these stickers in all sizes that you want.

    • Color

    you can get unique colors from us. Do not worry, and we have a great team of experts in using CMYK and PMS color techniques to give colors of your choice.

    • Duration

    How long do you want to stick the decal on the surface? For hours or for a long time? We will provide you with stickers with quality glue to fulfill your need.

    Some people ask the question, what is the difference between decals and stickers? The answer is that all the decals are stickers, but not all the stickers are decals. You can transfer them from one surface to another surface.

    Manufacturing of Decals

    Decals are covered with two different layers of paper on the front and back. These are manufactured by using latex inks with the help of a thermal color printer or eco-solvent printing techniques. At Orchard Packaging, you can get all kinds of Decals Printing such as:

    • Window decals
    • Car door decals
    • Custom floor decals
    • Car window decals and much more

    We provide premium quality that you can place as long as you want and leave no mark after removing. You can easily clean the place where you put these stickers. From our company, our clients can get waterproof material that will be in superb condition. You can easily place it on the required surface. It needs no extra effort. Just peel the back layer of the decals and place it.

    Further usage

    You can use your brand logo and name as decals with the color matching your brand theme. You can turn the traffic towards your business with the help of this advertising technique. The best option to place these stickers are the vehicles because vehicles are always on the road, and they can easily catch the attention of people. The printing on the cars is mini-moving billboards that can boost your business. You can also put these stickers on the doors of the store.

    If you think these are expensive, then you are wrong. So, we are offering your desired printing with all the necessary information as you want at low rates as other Custom Boxes Wholesale. Hence, not just this, you can get huge discounts on the bulk stickers and advertise your brand in a short time by spending the minimum amount of your budget. The team at Orchard Packaging works with great sincerity so that we can make sure of error-free delivery.


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