Custom Window Boxes


    Customized Window Boxes

    Window Boxes, the packaging is the first impression that a customer gets of a brand. Also, the quality of the product is highly judged on the basis of its packing. The world has been advancing in sophistication and is adopting better options for packaging. Also, as a competent packaging company, we offer the most innovative boxes in premium quality manufacturing. Hence, Orchard packaging is delivering the promised boxes that will bring a revolution in the expansion of business. Also, all trademarks are striving day and night to make their product the first choice for every customer.

    Also, attractive and durable packaging helps you to achieve maximum orders by taking your product to highlighted spots on the shelves of the market. Furthermore, we have hired a team of creative designers who are upgrading the experience of packaging with the best of options. Window boxes were introduced to enable the customer to see the ravishing product from within the box. It is a genius hack for letting the audience drool over the beautiful product even without opening the box.

    Custom window boxes are crafted with utmost perfection according to your desires to make your product be pronounced in the competitive world. A customization is a tool that brings the customer closer to the trademark due to its individualized features. Every brand can make its own mark in society with the help of custom-made boxes. These window boxes are multi-purpose and can be used by every industry. We all love our products to be packaged neatly.

    Free printing Facility

    Printed window boxes are a joyful representation of the product. Window boxes can be made in one solid color with mono-color printing in white or black. Pms or CMYK printing is also offered. Print designing is done according to the features of the product and our professionals provide the best options for your brand. Printing makes a box livelier and captivating which makes the customer’s eye stick to the box. Text and images are the two principal constituents of printing. Text on the box to be printed is coordinated with the client and kept precise and short. Font style and size along with the color of ink can be chosen by the customer. The logo of the trademark is highlighted in the whole prints with the help of raised ink, embossing, or debossing.

    Boxes with attractive pictures and geometric patterns are mesmerizing. Our experts align the text and visual representation of the product in a fascinating way alluring the customers. Attractive and motivational quotes are appreciated and make one buy the product for their friends and relatives. Aq coating is serving the role to protect the printing from fading or being blotchy while spot UV cures the print to give it a texture close to the real feel by adding depths. Some brands can make their window boxes a statement of extravagance by gold and silver foiling. Printing includes the finishing and coating which can help one to create a matte or glossy outlook by the use of the required lamination sheet.

    Diverse Designs and Modifications of Window Boxes

    Designing the boxes has been considered quite a task lately due to the multiple options. The shape of window box packaging can be a cube, cuboid, round box, or pentagon. Customization is a whole new world that allows you to think out of the box and helps you create a design of your own. The sizes and dimensions of the boxes can be altered for a perfect fit with inserts in them for compartmentalizing more than one object.

    Box styles have been evolving and are chosen according to the packaged good by the client. We offer boxes in the clamshell form, auto-bottom, front tuck double-layered, reverse tuck, sleeve type, drawer type, pillow box, and most ravishing lid and base type. Any box style can have single or multiple windows on them with pvc lining.

    Some other design modifications which most of the clients go for making their boxes stand out are the use of accessories like stones, pearls, sequins, and stickers. A window box with a handle helps in displaying heavier objects as the handle made right into the box can help in weight transfers from the base. Attachable straps of jute or ribbons can also be used for easy carrying of the box. Ribbons on the box can be used in various colors for making them look more giftable.

    Increase in Sales with Eloquent Window Packaging

    Beautiful custom window boxes can increase the sales of your product with their customizable options. Boxes are representative of your brands and need to be impressive to guarantee top-notch quality. We let the brand take a highlighted place in the market to survive the ruthless competition. Gone are the days when packaging was a secondary thing to focus on these days audience judge the product based on its packaging. The surge in sales enables the growth of a struggling brand to dig its foundation deeper.

    Wholesale Discounts for Efficient Marketing of a Brand

    We have kept our prices highly affordable so maximum brands can opt for these custom-tailored boxes. On the purchase of window gift boxes wholesalewe offer a further reduction of the price that enables the company to earn an extra profit on each box. Bulk buying is an efficient marketing strategy which is benefiting both the manufacturers and the buyers. Handling, managing, and printing time and energy are conserved. We care about the customer because it’s their growth that leads to our better establishment.

    Top-notch Quality Maintenance

    Nothing in the world can make a renowned brand compromise on the quality of packaging as substandard packaging is bad for their reputation. Attractiveness is a big factor but loses all its glory when the promised quality is not delivered. Our primary focus is always the quality which is accomplished with the voguish presentation as well. Boxes are potent for allowing the safe delivery of products without any damage to them from extreme temperature and weather changes. Boxes selected for your product should be capable of withstanding pressure not to get crushed or crumbled when piled up or during transportation.

    Bio-degradable Window Boxes Packaging

    Window boxes are made from eco-friendly material that is obtained from softwood. Material can be selected from Kraft, cardboard, boxboard, or corrugated material. These boxes offer a user-friendly experience of packaging with their collapsible and foldable nature. Customized window boxes can be reused and are recycled through a simple process of bio-degradation performed by micro-organisms and do not require expensive recycling plants which emit toxic gases and deplete the ozone layer. These boxes after being dumped are converted into loam and aids in the sustainability of the ecosystem by replenishing the nutrient reservoir of the earth.

    Why Orchard Packaging is the Best Solution

    Choose orchard packaging for excellent and efficient services at affordable rates. We ship the boxes to you flat or assembled anywhere in the world with no additional charges. The free shipping policy is for everyone and there is no order restriction to avail it. The consignment reaches you with the fastest turnaround services reaching you in 4-8 working days reliably. We let the brand save maximum time and energy for efficient business. An online quotation can be obtained through the website which offers all the packaging information and is regularly updates. A vigilant team of workers assures you to assist you day and night under the recruitment for customer representation. This team is responsible for the satisfaction of the client and fulfillment of its needs.


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