Custom White Boxes


    Customized White Boxes for your Product

    Most of the companies make filling boxes in plain white color as they have to serve the basic duty. The duty storage boxes can be crafted in white for the transfer of objects and packaging of all household items when a person moves from one place to the other. Shipping of bulk products in large cartons can be done in white boxes. Shipping white corrugated boxes are gaining popularity instead of the raw look. They have improved their presentation.

    We help you design your own custom white boxes in various sizes with or without a lid. These can be serving the purpose of mailers box. These elegant boxes can be used as gift boxes on greater events for bridesmaids on marriages as proposal or birthday gifts. They are perfect for graduation gifts and with the use of jute rope they can have a crafty and attractive appearance. In offices, these white boxes are largely used as file storage containers to keep the files safe from being dirty. There are countless uses of these white boxes and the best part of orchard packaging is that it allows you to create your own box with all the customizable features.

    White Boxes with Eloquence

    We are enabling you to present your goods in a white box. Cosmetic and makeup products, skincare products can be packaged in the white box for getting attention. Some other products that can be packaged are ornaments, jewelry, trade goods, foodstuff, perfumes, toys in a simple and elegant way. Mono-color printing is the technique that creates the box in one solid color. White boxes are preferred because white is a color of purity and positivity. White never goes out of fashion and can never be the reason for your disappointment. Whit color promotes freshness, faith and gives one clarity of mind. White is known to represent explicitly purity. We deliver you the outclass white boxes with all your specifications. Boxes can be made in glossy or matte appearance by using the required lamination sheet which serves as an overcoating that protects the box from being moist or damp. The collapsible white boxes are cheaper than the regularly printed boxes due to the cost of printing being saved. Cutting down of printing cost makes them super affordable and are becoming the first choice for many brands. Time and energy spent on print designing are saved leading to energy-efficient box manufacturing. We offer lacquered boxes along with other embossing and debossing services.

    Free Shipping of White Boxes

    We have a free shipping policy for all worthy clients. The white shipping boxes are reliably delivered to your doorstep in their original form with no stains or crumbling anywhere in the world. There are no order restrictions to avail of this amazing offer. We know how tiring consignment safe delivery is and we love our client to be facilitated by us in terms of no headache related to timely delivery. We provide the fastest turnaround services than other competitive companies which get you your boxes within 4-8 working days. For further convenience, a tracking id is assigned to your order and can be tracked anytime. The networking team keeps you updated with your shipment details. Shipment costs many brands a fortune that can be saved along with the time and energy spent on making sure of safe delivery.

    Versatile Designing of Custom White and Black Boxes

    Many brands love their product to be presented in boxes of one solid color be it charcoal black or white. Both these colors enhance the captivation as the box glows on its own and the logo on the box can be made prominent than on a box full of colors. Simple labels or stickers can be pasted on the plain boxes for better marketing. White boxes can be created in many shapes such as

    • Cube
    • Cuboid
    • Round
    • Pentagons
    • Hexagons

    Boxes style can also opt from numerous styles such as one-piece lunch box, double-layered front tuck, reverse tuck, auto-bottom, clamshell, sleeve box, lid and base, stackable boxes, and drawer box.

    We craft black and white boxes with various modifications which are designed by the experts to create a ravishing outlook and helps the brand to be pronounced. The client can participate to make any alterations and is always taken on board for designing. A custom template is provided to the client to approve a box for their brand with copyrights.

    Window cut design can be opted according to the nature of the product with pvc lining to tempt the audience by the irresistible product from within the box. Handles are not only a convenient carrying tool but also helps in shifting the weight from the base. The handle can be created by cutting out the box itself or can be attached to the box in the form of straps. Ribbons are a mandatory gadget for packaging industries as it improves the outlook and makes the box more giftable. Various stylish accessories can be attached to the box to make it fascinating to the audience such as pearls, stones, sequins, etc. The target population and the nature of the product affect the design greatly. We provide you with product-specific boxes which express the product through packaging.

    Premium Quality White Boxes in Eloquent Styles

    A sturdy and thick white packaging box is constructed at orchard packaging with the best of the packaging material. The consumer is primarily concerned about the quality of the box along with its presentation. White boxes can be made in different thicknesses as per the requirement of the client. Multiple layers or plies of paper stocks can be used according to the weight of the object to be packed. Boxes are capable of withstanding pressure and do not lose their shape or form. These robust boxes can easily be stacked upon each other and allow safe transportation of the product. Boxes are moisture-proof and keep the product stored in a dry and dirt-free form. Any extreme change in temperature or climate does not affect the quality of the box or the alteration of the chemical and physical property of the product being packaged.

    Boost your Sales with Customized Boxes

    Promotion of a product through custom white boxes can increase the number of sales. In this ruthlessly competitive world where every brand is trying its best to gain maximum sales. The incorporation of customized boxes has become a necessity. The surge in sales can be due to the improved packaging standards as the audience love a product with competent packaging. The quality of the packaged good is estimated upon its packaging. Substandard packaging might be less costly it ultimately will cause a decline in your sales.

    Eco-Friendly white Packaging Boxes

    We offer white corrugated cardboard made from environmentally safe material that does not participate in pollution or damaging the ecosystem. The material used for manufacturing white boxes in various dimensions is

    • Kraft
    • Corrugated material
    • Cardboard
    • Buxboard

    Boxes are the best for their user-friendly and foldable nature. After using these boxes can be collapsed and thrown away. They do not require complex recycling and are simplified by the action of natural decomposers. Toxic and harmful gases emitted while the recycling of plastic and other harmful packaging materials can be avoided by these boxes.

    Choose Orchard Packaging

    Choose orchard packaging for its amazing deals and discounts with the deliverance of top-notch promised quality. We have developed an extensive website to facilitate the customers through digital media. For the communication of needs and all types of queries, an efficient team of workers has been hired under the customer representation group who assists the client day and night.


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