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    Custom Suitcase Boxes Packaging

    Packaging is gaining popularity for a few decades. Packaging industries are being innovative in styles and forms. So, boxes create an impact on the audience and are the first impression of the brand. Also, choose the best packaging option for your brand to gain maximum sales. As well as, the box symbolizes sophistication and elegance. Suitcase Boxes can be manufactured in an array of designs and styles. Also, it is all about creativity and innovation. Folding boxes can be crafted in different forms. As well as, are suitable for different products. With the latest techniques, we are producing ravishing boxes to help you compete with other companies in the best possible manner.

    One of the most modernized creations among boxes is suitcase boxes. Also, these suitcase boxes are used to pack heavy objects. Furthermore, are utilized most in moving. Also, printed premium quality suitcase boxes can be used as gift boxes. Also, It can package delicate objects like dry fruits nuts, bath bombs, candles, food items, ornaments, or any other thing that you can think of. Moreover, modifications are made to the box according to the requirements of the packaged good. Also, they can be created in a vintage outlook with Kraft and logos. As well as, these suitcase boxes are structured in an outclass manner and have a complex design. And are not manufactured by all the packaging companies. Moreover, we manufacture the suitcases boxes with utmost perfection. Also, allow the brand to make all kinds of changes to their box.

    Quality Check

    Check and balance of the quality is another important factor on which the sales are dependent. Quality is not maintained by most of the packaging companies. No matter how attractive a box looks but if it is not delivering the promised quality, it would not be opted for by the customers. We craft cardboard suitcase boxes appropriate for packaging as it is not just a tool for the tempting audience but is supposed to be the protective container for safe delivery of items. We make boxes from robust and sturdy material that do not let them get crushed or crumbled underweight and can be transported safely while retaining their shape and form. Boxes do not let the physical or chemical composition of a product get change under extreme temperature and climatic conditions.

    Custom Printed Suitcase Boxes

    Suitcase packaging can be printed in many different colors. As well as, patterns with vibrant hues and attractive pastels. Box can have a short text description about the product printed on the box in different font styles and colors. The suitcase gift box can be made for special events with the names of the host or initials printed on the box for birthdays, marriages, bridal showers, baby showers, and many more. The logo of the brand needs to stand out on the box and is printed in highlighting features like raised ink, embossing, and debossing. We offer long-lasting and smudge-free printing by securing it with a coating. Spot UV cures the print for additional depth effects.

    Variability in Sizes and Designs

    In the early days, boxes were made in universal sizes as the customization would take a lot of time. These days boxes are made fit for the product with accurate measurements. Boxes can be made in small, medium, or large sizes or can be customized to specific niches.

    For big and huge items large suitcase packaging is used while mini suitcase box is suitable for small. Also, delicate objects like jewelry, cosmetics, and many more. Variation in design can be made with die-cut windows in different shapes with PVC lining to let the audience grab a look at the ravishing product even without opening the box.

    Efficient Marketing and Branding

    To improve the expansion of sales cardboard suitcase box with a handle can be made. The handle can be made by cutting into the box or could be attached. Universally ribbons are used to make anything more presentable. As well, a box can be adorned with accessories also. Stickers can be used to make a box more appealing with some other options like stones, pearls, sequins, and many more. So, Branding needs efficient tools and strategies because it’s digital. And social media era that demands up-gradation. Efficient advertisements are done by making a box worth buying which would become a sensation on social media.

    Wholesale Discounts on Customized Suitcase Boxes

    Packaging companies have started charging a lot in the name of customization. And there are separate charges for printing, die, and plate, and shipment. We admire the fact that if you will grow in business we will have profited as well. We sell boxes at modest rates to allow the maximum of companies to present their products in presentable packaging to increase their sales. Moreover, get amazing deals from time to time and on bulk buying. So, you can enjoy a further reduction in prices. Also, wholesale buying is being encouraged as it saves the handling. As well as, managing time for both the buyers and the manufactures while allowing the brand to earn an extra profit on each box.

    A Perfect Solution for Packaging

    If you are looking for a packaging company that actually delivers what they say. So, go for Orchard Packaging. Every detail has been uploaded to the website. Also, it enables you to get an online quotation for your specific order. As well as, some people still rely on personal contact. So, for this purpose, we have hired a team of vigilant workers who cooperates with the client day and night. So, the customer representative team is responsible for managing all the queries. Moreover, taking the client in the loop while creating the design. Hence, we offer free shipping worldwide for all the valuable customers reliably.

    Eco-Friendly Suitcase Boxes

    Gone are the days when plastic boxes were used and were unnoticed. These days ecologists have spread enough awareness that everyone wants to go for the customized organic boxes. As well as, condemns the use of plastic and other harmful packaging material. Furthermore, We create boxes from material that comes from softwood such as

    • Kraft
    • Cardboard
    • Corrugated e-fluted material
    • Boxboard
    • Paper stock

    These boxes are compact and can be folded. They do not require complicated recycling. Also, are converted into the soil by the process of bio-degradation. These reusable boxes do not emit any toxic or harmful gases.


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