Custom Sleeve Boxes


    Customized Sleeve Boxes

    One box can be used by multiple industries to present their product. Sleeve boxes can be used to pack cosmetic items, edibles, apparel, watches, perfumes, lotions, or anything that you can think of. Multi-purpose sleeve boxes are winning the hearts of the audience with their eloquent presentation. This style of the box consists of two elements the box itself. Hence, its covering is known as a sleeve. Products are considered to be incomplete if they are displayed without a box. Outdated and incompetent plastic sheets. Also, wrappings are replaced by the boxes as they were considered to be damaging the goods during the transfers and were unappealing to the audience.

    Sleeve Boxes Packaging in Eloquent Prints 

    In any sector of business, sleeve packaging is being adopted with printing to present their item in a pronounced way. Primary benefits of printing include imparting life to the box with amazing color schemes. Colors are meant to be the translator of thoughts. Also, the right combinations are designed for each product. Box colors are selected by the client. As well as, are presented by experts from mono-color printing, PMS, or CMYK. Colors can opt from the vibrant collection or the calming pastel hues. Targeted age is considered while selecting the colors and images on the box. The box-like Tray And Sleeve Boxes are decorated with images. As well as, graphical representation in form of scenic natural or floral images. Also, pictures of the product itself.

    Text on the box is a vital part of printing including the description of the specific product in short and precise words. Print designing and alignment are done by professionals free of cost. We offer the brand to make their logo stand out on the box with amazing features like raised ink, embossing, or engraving. We secure the printing from being smudged or from fading by the aq coating while spot UV treatment cures the printing to add texture to the box.

    Gold and silver foiling can be done for expensive items like perfumes as per the preference of the company. We can change the ultimate outlook. And feel of the box from matte to glossy with the help of the required lamination sheet. Printing gives a special identity to the product with the signature printed box with copyrights.

    Versatile Designs and Styles of Custom-Made Sleeve Boxes 

    The custom sleeve boxes can be created in an individualized format and are manufactured in bulk after the approval of the template by the authorities. The material used can be opted by the client with different plies and paper stocks from kraft, cardboard, boxboard to e fluted corrugated material. Dimensions of the box can be changed and made into custom sizes. Also, these special in-kind boxes can have alterations as inserts for more than one item to be packaged in one box. The box can have a front PVC-lined die-cut window for the audience to drool over the object. Furthermore, the potential effect on marketing is improved by the custom-made sleeve boxes.

    Moreover, they are made to hold the items brilliantly even with the open box with modified locks. The box can be enhanced in designs by the addition of accessories like stones, pearls, sequins, and stickers. Ribbons are the best part of giftable boxes. With all these changes these sleeve boxes can be used for the giveaway boxes on major events of your life such as marriage, bridal shower, baby shower, birthday, and many more.

    Environmentally Safe Sleeve Boxes 

    The sleeve boxes we are providing the audience are environmentally safe as they are manufactured from natural material. Plastic boxes have been replaced by these eco-friendly boxes and they do not require complicated recycling instead allow a user-friendly experience with as simple discarding. After being thrown away sleeve boxes are simplified by the bio-decomposers such as bacteria and other micro-organisms. These do not harm the ozone layer or ecosystem by the emission of any toxic gases rather they aid in the replenishment of the nutrients of the earth by being converted into loam. Recycling such boxes take many years but are potentially winning the hearts of ecologists.

    Free Shipping Policy 

    We assure the reliable delivery of box sleeves anywhere in the world under the free shipping policy. Safe consignment is delivered to your doorstep within 4-8 working days. Also, keeps you safe from the headache of the delivery task. Also, Orchard packaging is known for its trackable delivery system. We allow the brand to save the energy and money that has to be spent on the delivery of the boxes. As per the demand of the client, we ship the boxes flat or assembled. Cost-effective services are enabling the trademarks to increase their sales and build a better reputation with such amazing designs.

    Best Quality Boxes for Improved Advertisement

    Everyone cares about the quality as much as for the attraction. The custom packaging sleeves are made with premium quality material assembled perfectly. Renowned brands can not risk losing their clients due to incompetent packaging quality. We make boxes in a way that no dirt or impurity can enter the box and the material used is moisture-resistant.

    Boxes that get crumbled or crushed during transfers leave a bad impression of the brand therefore our boxes are capable of retaining their shape and do not lose their shape under pressure. Boxes are potent to protect the packaged goods due to extra layers from extreme climatic and temperature conditions.

    Feasible Budget Range with Amazing Deals for Sleeve Boxes

    We construct the custom boxes at affordable rates. The main objective of our business is to enable more brands to start presenting their product in tempting boxes. Inflated prices offered by other competitive brands are hindering many low economical brands to display their products in amazing boxes. Our company does not charge extra for each feature of customization and you do not have to pay extra for the print support or die and plate charges. We consider the profit of brands as our own as their increase in sales would lead to a surge in demand for boxes.

    We have narrowed down our profit margins especially on wholesale buying to promote it. Bulk manufacturing helps the box company to save print designing time and compiling of boxes. The buyer is also facilitated with an increased profit window on each box. Also, can save handling and managing time.

    Web Support and Facilitation by Customer Care Center 

    Digital marketing has made our lives easier by saving us the resources spent on figuring out what to buy. So, we have developed a website that is being regularly updated by the team.  Also, An online quotation for your specific order can be obtained online through the website. If anyone requires further assistance, we have hired a group of vigilant workers to answer your queries 24/7. The networking team is responsible for satisfying the client and making his experience better. The outlook depends upon how you design the box and what product you package in it.  Hence, we are here on each step to make your presentation get the limelight in the market.


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