Custom Shirt Boxes


    Custom Printed Shirt Boxes

    Shirt Boxes, Unpackaged or underpackaged products are considered to be substandard these days. Gone are the days when sub standardized packaging would not affect the sales of a product. Packaging companies have been making progress by leaps and bounds in presenting the products. Box packaging was introduced and has been revolutionizing the experience of packaging altogether. Every brand love to display their product in the best manner.

    Furthermore, the textile industry has been least interested in the packaging as they always thought that the quality of the fabric is enough for maximum sales. Also, in the early days, shirts were delivered to the customers in plastic sheet wrapping only. Moreover, with the advancement of the packaging industry boxes were introduced for competence. As well as, more presentable packaging of shirts.

    Hence, shirt boxes are being adopted by the brands to enhance their sales. And to leave a better impression on the clients. Everyone admires fancy packaging for shirts. Brands need to upgrade their packaging options in order to survive the ruthless competition. Boxes are being the reason for the pronunciation of a brand. Also, in custom designs and terms.

    Printed Shirt Boxes in attractive patterns

    Custom boxes are different from the monotonous ordinary basic boxes which are used universally in terms of printing. Moreover, plain boxes are given a unique presentation with printing in many vibrant and playful colors. Pastel hues are introduced for feminine shirts. Colors are useful tools for expressing the product. Color combinations are selected by the experts to create a fascinating outlook of the box with coherent images and visual representation. Boxes are designed with geometric patterns or pictures approved by the client.

    Also, text on the box is another captivating feature that could include motivational quotes, details of fabric, stitching techniques, color guarantee, and size description. So, text can be printed on the box in various different font styles and colors. Life is imparted in the box by colorful text and images.

    Moreover, we craft custom t-shirt packaging in attractive designs for efficient sales. Printing tools are offered for a satisfactory output such as aq coating is offered to keep the printing smudge-free and secured while spot UV treatment is known for giving a unique texture to the box. Also, the ultimate presentation and feel of the box can be kept glossy or matte with the use of the respective lamination sheet.

    Logos and names can be enhanced by the features like raised ink, embossing, or debossing. Furthermore, the extravagance of limited articles or super expensive brands uses gold. As well as, silver foil on the box for creating a masterpiece.  Also, boxes are the first impression on the brand which is largely created by the printing. And the base of the box can be kept in one color by mono-color printing or a blend of shades can be used by PMS or CMYK printing.

    Shirt boxes in diverse designs and styles

    The shirt boxes can be made in customized styles and dimensions and can have an effective outlook. Boxes are presented in diverse forms and styles that are opted from the following

    • Front-tuck double-layered box
    • Auto-bottom boxes
    • Reverse tuck boxes
    • Clamshell boxes
    • Sleeve boxes
    • Pillow boxes
    • Lid and base type of box

    Boxes can be modified by the terms and conditions of the client. Beautification can be added to the box by applying some versatile accessories such as stones, pearls, sequins, or stickers. Box can be wrapped in ribbon to enhance the presentation and is made best for gifts. Boxes can have single or multiple die-cut windows lined with PVC for alluring the customers to have a look at elegant shirts even without opening the box. Box can have an inner lining of silk for lavish packaging.

    Bio-degradable Customized Shirt Packaging

    We assemble the custom shirt boxes from organic material that does not harm the environment. We condemn the plastic wrappings as they are causing harm to the ecosystem and their simplification emits toxic gases resulting in depletion of the ozone layer. Natural boxes that we make for shirts are highly flexible and can be folded into many forms easily. Their flexible nature allows many benefits including the convenient discarding of the boxes.

    Cardboard and paper boxes can be discarded readily and do not require complex recycling. These boxes are recycled into loam by the action of bio-decomposers such as bacteria and other micro-organisms. Paper stock and plies can be changed to add strength to the box.

    Premium quality packaging for improving sales

    The t-shirt packaging wholesale boxes even with discounts are never delivered in compromised quality. Quality maintenance is assured by orchard packaging to let a brand own a special position. Renowned brands and competitive trademarks never opt for substandard boxes as they are a bad reflection of the reputation of a brand. No matter how appealing a box is if it lets the transmission of dirt and impurities into it nobody will rate such packaging as a good option. We deliver the shirts to our respected clients in boxes that keep the shirts dry and dirt-free. Shirts are protected in boxes that are capable of withstanding extreme temperature and climatic conditions. Boxes are made from robust material such as

    • E fluted corrugated material
    • Cardboard
    • Boxboard
    • Kraft

    The strongboxes allow safe transfers. The design of the box is coordinated with the specifications of the client through the networking team. We get the approval of the design on each step and before the production of the final item the custom template is provided to the brand.

    Fastest consignment delivery

    With all other burdens, the brands are facing a big problem of the reliable consignment delivery. We take the burden from the shoulders of the brand of shipping. Orchard packaging offers free shipping of shirt boxes worldwide. There are no order limitations to avail this amazing offer that enables a company to save some extra money spent on shipment. It’s not just the money in fact the brand can save time and energy also. The boxes we deliver are made available to you in flat or assembled form within 4-8 working days. Each consignment is given a tracking id which can help the brand to locate their order.

    • Feasible rates

    Astonishing designs are printed in colorful patterns and are made available to the customer at modest rates. We construct boxes with utmost perfection and allow the brand to expand the horizon of its targeted audience. The elite class is only impressed by the products which have better packaging as they judge the quality of the shirts on their packaging.

    Digital and social media have been speaking about premium packaging brands. Awareness about improved packaging among the audience requires each brand to focus a little more on the packaging than the earlier days. We offer appreciable discounts on Custom Boxes Wholesale products as well as amazing deals are offered.

    Website development and customer support center

    Digital marketing has made our lives easier as we can place orders from home and there is no need of going to the market which helps us save fuel and time. For this special reason, we also are facilitating our customers with an informative and updated website through which an online quotation can be obtained. If there is something that is not answered by the website, we have designated a team of vigilant workers under customer representative recruits. This efficient networking team is facilitating the client’s day and night to make the whole business experience smoother. Satisfaction of the customer is made mandatory for the expansion of business.


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