Custom Printed Soap Boxes


    Custom-Printed Soap Packaging Boxes Wholesale

    We offer printing on soap packaging to make them unique for each brand. Keep in mind that a basic and monotonous plain universal box is not what our audience desire. Orchard packaging has manufactured boxes with amazing prints in different color patterns. Colors impart expressions on the box with their attractiveness. The color palette selected by the experts is utilized in a graceful manner. The box can be printed in one color through mono-color printing and can be made in a blend full of colors with PMS or CMYK. Printing includes text and visual representation of the product.

    Soap ingredients can be printed on the box in different font styles, sizes, and colors. Among all the other text logo of the brand is kept highlighted by the features like raised ink, embossing, or debossing. Text on the box could include motivational and funky quotes as our youth is inspired by something that is out of the box. Soap Boxes can have floral, fruity, and natural images printed on them or geometrical patterns or drawings.

    The sequencing and designing are done by a group of professional graphic designers. Box ultimate outlook can be made ate or glossy with the use of the required lamination sheet. We provide the option of gold and silver foiling on the boxes as well for the avant-garde outlook. aq coating is performed to save the printing from being smudged or fading while spot UV treatment cures the print and gives a realistic texture and feel to the box.

    Presenting soaps in various styles

    Styling of boxes in innovative forms has been providing the customers with a wide range of options. We let the brand select the most desirable form of custom Soap Boxes from the following types of the boxes

    1. Reverse tuck box
    2. Auto-bottom box
    3. Clamshell box
    4. Front-tuck double-layered box
    5. Sleeve box
    6. Pillow box
    7. Lid and base type

    Various modifications can be done to make the soapbox captivating. Single or multiple die-cut windows can be made on the box with PVC lining to let the audience see beautiful soaps in mesmerizing colors even without opening the box. The size of the box largely depends upon the specific size of the soap and how many soaps are to be packaged in one box. Inserts are added into the box to keep each soap separate from the other. Accessories can be attached to a box to improve their presentation and are made in such elegance that they can be gifted to loved ones. Sequins, stones, stickers, and pearls can be used for adorning the box. Ribbons of different colors can be used to make boxes giftable. Various designs are being used for soaps to be packaged in the best possible manner.

    Cost-effective branding

    We construct soap packaging boxes in the perfect packaging and provide them to you at modest rates. Feasibility is a big factor that is stopping most lower economical class companies to present their soaps in premium boxes. Boxes and companies are one team that is why we keep the prices of the customized boxes as low as possible with excellent quality to let the brand improve their sales. Increased sales of a brand would demand more boxes and the vicious chain of growth starts.

    In the marketplace, countless brands are supplying their soaps, the box worth the attention can get your product to become the first choice of the audience. Boxes can determine the expansion of a brand as social media bloggers and advertisements have made the audience well aware to look for the key features to get the best packaging. Eloquent boxes have been admired and are becoming the best choice. Substandard packaging speaks less of the quality of any brand. Consumers these days judge the quality of the product on the basis of its packaging. We deliver your product in such alluring boxes that would build the reputation of your brand stronger.

    Eco-friendly material

    Eco-friendly material use of plastic packaging has been made obsolete due to its harmful effects on the environment. We promote the use of material that is environmentally safe and allows you to package your product in a better way. We have opted for material that has been obtained from softwood mostly and is processed into Kraft, cardboard, boxboard, or e-fluted corrugated material. Luckily these boxes do not require complex recycling instead are bio-degraded by natural micro-organisms like bacteria and others. Recycling is done in decades and does not emit any toxic gases. Boxes after being dumped are converted into loam and replenish the nutrients of the earth.

    The surge in sales of soap

    Discounted wholesale Soap Boxes in chic forms have been increasing the sales of a brand greatly. Boxes create a sense of affiliation among the audience for a band and lead to their popularity.

    We provide safe and reliable consignment shipment free of cost anywhere in the world. Our topmost priority is to facilitate the brands in expanding their sales with custom boxes. We provide our clients with a template and every sort of information regarding the boxes is made available on the website. For further information, a vigilant customer care team is hired to serve you day and night.

    Amazing deals and wholesale discounts

    We offer soap boxes with window and top-notch quality with amazing deals and discounts. Wholesale buying is being promoted because it offers numerous benefits to both the manufactures and the buyers. The biggest advantage of bulk manufacturing is the conservation of time spent on print designing and printing while the buyer can save management and handling time. Reduced prices enable the client to earn a little more profit on each box. Quality is assured irrespective of the discounts or the number of orders.

    Maintenance of quality of Custom Soap Boxes

    Boxes we make are durable as they do not get crushed and protect the soap from being damaged in shape. Boxes keep the soap stored dry and impurity-free for longer periods of time. The Kraft soap boxes wholesale can withstand extreme temperature and climatic conditions and are voguish in appearance. Outlook and quality are both maintained by orchard packaging to allow the brand to market its soap in the best possible manner.


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