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    Spectacular Custom Pizza Boxes

    Pizza is one of the most consuming meals in the world. Especially when it comes to the UK or the USA, their demand reached the level of a skyscraper. Truly, it is love for the masses. Pizza restaurants and shops are present on every street corner. In short, they are easily and abundantly available. Custom pizza boxes are a necessity for pizza. They can make pizza to travel longer distances in a city. Furthermore, it will keep the pizza warm for the client. Along with that, it keeps the pizza safe from shocks or any damage. Custom pizza packaging came in many creative and spectacular patterns. You must adopt the wisest approach to make a place in the heart of the customers for your pizza.

    Unique features of the Custom Pizza Box

    Custom pizza boxes came into the market with various features. The idiosyncratic qualities of the pizza packaging make your brand distinguishing among the crowd. Truly, customers notice the packaging of the pizza when they order it. Pizza packaging must contain the following feature:

    • It must be lightweight to handle easily by the customers.
    • Pizza packaging should be durable to bear the weight of the pizza.
    • A pizza box must be in impressive shape to grab attention.
    • The box must keep the pizza warm until it reached its final destination.
    • Pizza in a box must be safe from shocks and weather damage.
    • The material used for packaging must be health-friendly.
    • Printing ink should be non-toxic.

    Pizza Packaging that can win the customer’s heart

    When it comes to the packaging of food products, it must be mouth-watering. The appealing looks for grabbing the attention of the customers are mandatory for a pizza company. Moreover, pizza packaging must be in such a way as to win the heart of the customers. However, a pizza box with a logo printed is the most sophisticated and alluring way to launch your product in the market. Besides, custom pizza boxes are available in circular, rectangular, or even sliced boxes. A big piece of pizza in a box is a heavenly thing for a pizza lover. A custom pizza box must be manufactured in a shape in which it became handy to handle anywhere for the customers.

    Improve protection of the pizza

    Pizza is a delicate meal. Due to the use of hot cheese, it is necessary for the packaging to be durable and strong. About 1/3rd of the pizza consumption in the world is through takeaway or delivery services. Therefore, the protection must be improved for the pizza box. A corrugated material box with a flute in between the two layers adds extra protection to the pizza. Cardboard material is also available for the manufacturing of the box. Protection along with looks is the perfect combo for a pizza box.

    Different unique shapes of the Pizza Boxes

    Various unique shapes and styles are available for the boxing of pizza. Shapes are designed according to the pizza you produced. For instance, a big slice of pizza came in a triangular slice box. Moreover, rectangular or circular pizzas will come in boxing accordingly. It came in a front lockbox or front tuck box. A logo print on the cardboard pizza box can enhance the image of the brand in the market and the customer’s mind as well.

    Pizza boxes wholesale at a discounted rate

    A custom pizza box made up of pollution-free material is available wholesale. We are taking initiative toward sustainable development goals. Therefore, we are offering eco-friendly pizza boxesPizza boxes wholesale are available at discounted rates. We are offering up to 50% off on custom pizza boxes. Orchard packaging is manufacturing pizza boxes with stylish printing and finishing techniques. However, you can adopt finishing options according to your budget. Our rates are budget-friendly and you don’t have to worry about the cost at all. We are offering you free shipping services for your custom pizza boxes at your doorstep. Moreover, retail custom pizza boxes are also available with unbelievable offers.

    Free customer support services

    Orchard packaging is caring for its customer. Our customer’s trust and satisfaction are our remunerations. Therefore, we are providing free shipping and free designing services to our eminent clients. Not only that we are also providing our valued customers free customer support service. If you have any queries related to pizza packaging, feel free to ask us. We are here 24/7 to answer your queries and resolve your issues. Further, call us at the given number or contact us via email.

    Why choose Orchard Packaging

    Orchard packaging is a UK-based manufacturing hub for packaging. We are offering our services in the packaging industry with honesty. Our mission is to build a strong mutual bond with customers via their trust. Therefore, we are striving hard to achieve the satisfaction level of the customer. Moreover, we are offering all customize options for the personalization of the pizza box packaging. It will be cost-effective and pocket-friendly. Further, our pizza packaging is bio-degradable and pollution-free. We are offering wholesale custom pizza boxes within an affordable price range with free delivery.


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