Custom Pillow Boxes


    Customized multi-purpose pillow boxes

    We craft Pillow Boxes in many dimensions with individualized printing. We make custom pillow boxes to enable the brand to advertise its product in the most effective way. Fancy pillow boxes are made for presenting delicate items such as jewelry, decorative items, and many more. Gift packaging for special occasions such as weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, and birthdays can be done in specialized pillow boxes. Widespread of pillow boxes are demanding innovation in pillow boxes. Orchard packaging is giving the solution for all kinds of items to be packaged in voguish pillow boxes. Pillow boxes can be made in different forms individually for each product.

    Feasible prices for amazing boxes

    Packaging companies charge extra for the customization of the boxes. Price is also dependent upon the box style and its modifications. Companies have been giving buyers a tough time displaying their products in extremely creative pillow boxes. Not all brands can afford expensive packaging as it results in decreased profit margin. We manufacture pillow boxes on an affordable budget and allow brands of all economic statuses to enjoy unique presentations for their product.

    Further discounts can be availed by our company promoting bulk buying which is beneficial for both the manufacturer and the buyer. Discounted pillow box wholesale can be availed for increasing the profit margin on each box and it allows the client to save its managing and handling time. Packaging company is advantaged with saving of printing designing and printing time. Energy-efficient gross buying is being adapted for efficient business opportunities.

    The brand was an establishment with custom-made boxes

    Struggling brands can see a spike in sales by incorporating customized boxes in their display of the product. The reputation of a trademark is judged by the quality of the packaging. Thoughtful packaging is designed by us in various concepts for the personalization of the product. Copyrights are given to each brand for exclusivity. The audience does not opt for the product with substandard packaging. Exquisite boxes are making the brands a signature statement. For the expansion of sales, retention of sales is necessary along with the attraction of new clients. Custom-made boxes are enabling the brand to market its product in better ways. The highlighted spot can be taken by your product through these amazing boxes which speak for themselves and attract every passing by to stop and stare at the product.

    Free template for printed pillow boxes

    We offer printing on the boxes in alluring colors and images. The color selected for the box greatly depends upon the product being packaged as well as the targeted audience. For kids, we choose vibrantly, neon, and lively colors that are eye-catchy while for the girls’ pastel hues are selected to create a calming and soothing effect. The product also decides the fate and combination of colors and images. Cosmetic products have a luscious graphical representation of beauty products while kids’ gadgets are packaged with boxes having cartoon figures on them. Printing includes descriptive text in colorful fonts and images.

    Box can have one solid color by mono-color printing or can be made playful with PMS or CMYK. Boxes can have distinguishing finishes either matte or glossy depending upon the type of lamination sheet used. The logo of the brand can be highlighted on the box with the features like raised ink, embossing, or engraving. Description of the product can include the ingredients, manufacturing, and how to use the product. Special initials or names of the person can also be printed on the box as per the requirement of the client.

    We build pillow boxes wholesale with colorful prints and images. The geometric drawings and visuals are aligned by the experts to create a mesmerizing customized box. Print designing is done by professionals without any additional charges. Print support is designed by the coordination of brands themselves at every step. We provide a template and finalized product is manufactured after the approval of the design. Aq coating is performed to secure the printing from being faded or blotched. Spot UV treatment is done to create a closer-to-reality feel and enhance the texture of the box.

    Modifiable eloquent designs

    The custom pillow boxes are highly modifiable from the color to the material and even the style of the box. Sizes can be categorized as small, medium, or large, or custom dimensions could be provided to make a box that packaged your product perfectly. Designs are changed from basic and monotonous styles to chic outlooks with die-cut windows. Pvc lined multiple shaped outlets box gives the audience a chance to be allured by the product even without opening it. Gold and silver foiling is offered for creating an extravagant look for the exclusive items.

    For more than one product box can be made with inserts or trays for convenience. The inner of a box can be lined with silk or other fabric. Accessories on a box make it unique from the others and let the customer choose the carefully packaged product. Ribbons have been the best tool for making a box giftable and can be attached to the box along with some pearls, stones, sequins, or stickers. We craft our signature statement of brands and are proof of perfection.

    Free shipment of mesmerizing boxes

    We offer custom boxes with free shipping worldwide. The reliable shipping is assigned a tracking id and can reach you flat or assembled. Boxes are delivered in their original form without any damage. The brand is made burden-free from the responsibility of the tedious task of consignment and can save extra money and energy spent on delivery.

    Organic boxes with custom support offers

    We craft pillow boxes from the natural source like softwood processed into

    • Kraft
    • Cardboard
    • Boxboard
    • Corrugated material

    These boxes do not become a part of toxic ingredients in jeopardizing the health of the ecosystem. These user-friendly boxes are discarded readily and do not require complicated recycling. These boxes are simplified by bio-decomposition over extended periods of time the customer sales team is hired for assisting the clients anytime. An online quotation can be obtained through the website which is regularly updated. The customer representative team is working day and night to make the experience and communication better among the manufacturers and the buyers.


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