Custom Pie Boxes


    Artistic features of the Custom Pie Boxes

    Pies are the favorite dessert of all. Pies are available in different fruits and flavors. They are succulent and scrumptious. Moreover, pies are best when they are hot. Custom Pie Boxes are a necessity to keep them fresh for a long time. Pie Boxes at orchard packaging are made artistically and aesthetically. They not only protect the pies inside the box but also make them presentable. Furthermore, every person does not rely on dining meals. In this era of technology, time is running at a greater speed. People are extremely busy. Therefore, takeaway and delivery are only possible when you have these bakery packaging boxes. They make the inside item preserved for a long time and make it convenient to carry anywhere at any time.

    Captivating Customize Pie Boxes

    Pie Boxes are not only fulfilling their primary function of storing food but also a secondary function. The secondary function of the pie box is to captivate viewers and allure them. For this purpose, the customization of the pie boxes is available. They can be customized in various sizes, shapes, and designs. However, it is up to the choice of the client that which type of customization he adopts according to his pies. We are offering different sizes in Custom Pie Boxes such as 8pt to 28pt. In case you want to buy a size range other than the mentioned ones, you can give us an order and we will make it accordingly. Further, the dimensions of the Pie Boxes in Bulk sets according to the measurements client provides. Custom pie packaging is eye-catching and mouth-watering for the customer.

    Unlimited printing and design options

    We at orchard packaging suggest you adopt the approach which can maximize your profits. For instance, custom pie boxes with enchanting and vibrant printings are available. They are appealing and beguiling for users. Moreover, these Pie Boxes with Windows will keep you at a lead in the industry. Also, provides visual delights to the viewers and produces curiosity in them to taste your pies. No doubt, curiosity in customers is the first step in the ladder of growth. They will buy your product and you will earn more and more profit out of it. Further, these custom pie packaging will build your name and repute as a brand in the market. You can also avail yourself of our free design support. Custom Boxes of pie are available with several personalized options. Customers can select according to their choice from this versatile range.

    The sturdy material of the Custom Pie Boxes

    Custom Pie Boxes are made up of sturdy and rugged material. Therefore, they can easily hold the pie inside the box safely. Along with that, they are handy and easy to carry. You can open them single-handedly and enjoy your Pie Slice Boxes anywhere at any time. Above all, the material we use in the packaging of Window Pie Boxes is nature-friendly and pollution-free. Also, this eco-friendly pie box can be disposed of anywhere. They are natural and genuine. Therefore, they have recyclable nature. Further, they will not impose bad effects on the environment. Thus, they are available in the following material which is inexpensive too.

    • Kraft paper
    • Cardboard
    • E-flute corrugated
    • Bux-board

    Exceptional personalization options

    Orchard packaging offers extraordinary and exceptional packaging options for the personalization of the pie box. Personalization is available in printing, finishing, and designing. Moreover, you can avail of Window Pie Boxes or triangular pie boxes as per your choice. Following are the options available in our catalog for customization:

    • Shape: circular, triangular, cubical, rectangular
    • Colors: single color, multi-color, brown Pie Box with Window, white pie packaging
    • Styles: pie box with window, front tuck, reverse tuck, double lock side closure, bottom closure, bakery packaging, bags,•
    • Printing: raised ink, CMYK, PMS, no printing
    • Finishing: Lamination, Spotting, Coating, foiling, embossing, debossing

    Printing Wholesale Pie Boxes with a logo is the most efficacious way to introduce your pies to the market. However, you can also print your bakery name o trademark with other printing details. Also, finishing will improve the glowing nature of the box and make it luminous.

    Shop now at Orchard packaging

    Reliability and trust are other names of orchard packaging. We are dedicated and determined in the packaging industry. Due to our hard work and dedication, we build our name in the packaging industry so fast. Now, orchard packaging is revolutionizing the baking industry with its expertise. Moreover, you can experience our exquisite services at your doorstep. Pie Boxes Wholesale packaging is available with unbelievable offers and deals. Also, we are providing free shipping and free customer care. Further, you can also get suggestions from our design support free of cost. Orchard Packaging is providing Cardboard Pie Boxes in all sizes, shapes, and designs. You can avail yourself of printing and finishing options according to your budget. However, we offer a supreme quality product with the lowest prices in the market. Our rates are the lowest but our packaging quality is exceptional. Let us provide a chance to serve you.


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