Custom Mascara Boxes


    Customized Packaging of Mascara Boxes

    Mascara was used in the form of powdered coal mixed with plant extracted oil in ancient Egypt. Truly, It is in the instincts of man especially females that they want to look beautiful and attract others. To achieve a look that is mesmerizing enough to attract and captivate others is the goal of the cosmetic industry. Mascara is a product with which you can avoid the burden of fake eyelashes. It can fulfill your desire to look attractive and exceptionally beautiful. Mascara boxes are available for your beautiful and stylish mascaras for launching on the market. All customized options in sizes, shapes, and styles are provided at orchard packaging.

    Custom Printed Mascara Boxes Wholesale

    Perfect mascara has the unique feature to grab every eyelash with care and coat it with the ingredients. Also, Mascara can deepen and strengthen your eyelashes. Of course, no one ignores talking eyes with beautiful and thick eyelashes. Beauty attracts and has a delight in it. Custom printed mascara boxes wholesale are manufactured at an affordable cost and insane discounts. In a word, Quality matters, beauty delights, sustainability influences, and style bewitches. All these qualities combine in just one packaging for your cosmetic products and are available only at Orchard packaging.

    Personalization of Custom Mascara Boxes Wholesale

    All of us want a personal touch on our favorite products. Whatever that product is! Mascara in a box is a key element in the make-up and cosmetic industry. Also, it is becoming a necessity and has a bulk demand in the market. Therefore, their suppliers are present in large numbers and their numbers are increasing rapidly. Personalization options for custom mascara boxes are available on our website. Approach us for your requirements. No doubt, we will try our best to meet your expectations. Besides, personalization of mascara can be done by adding a logo of your company or a quote that is captivating, or any name that gives your mascara a perfect appearance. However, Mascara boxes are available in various styles including:

    • Window die-cut
    • Rectangular box
    • Straight tuck
    • Reverse tuck
    • Two-piece boxes

    They are available on Kraft paper or cardboard. These are easily moldable due to their flexibility.

    Get iconic Design of Custom Mascara Boxes

    Products that can speak aloud about their quality are produced at orchard packaging. Also, our products are ideal in looks as well as strength. Furthermore, you can have idiosyncratic mascara boxes packaging according to your needs or requirement. Truly, you must have a creative and innovative idea. Also, you want to bring it into the light of reality. Therefore, our skillful and professional team of craftsmen and graphic designers is providing you with the best services. Your reputation matters to us. Moreover, we want to help you in creating an image of class and style in the market.

    Order Custom Mascara Packaging in Alluring Styles

    We are offering customer care service to solve your all problems and issues within no time. Moreover, we are providing you with proper guidance for your packaging needs.  Mascara packaging is available in captivating, alluring, and vibrant color themes that can bewitch, grab, and attract customers. Besides, it will give your mascara a look that is visible when lying among the crowd of other competitive brands. It creates an everlasting impact that makes your end-users satisfied with your brand. Besides, it will aid you in being steadfast in the industry.

    The specialty of our mascara boxes

    There are many mascara box manufacturing companies that are present in the markets. What makes our box exceptional and extraordinary is the material that is sustainable and eco-friendly. Besides, our prices are the lowest in the market. Furthermore, we are offering insane discounts that are nowhere else. Also, our customization is jaw-dropping, and designs are beguiling, captivating. We provide our services within given time limits by clients along with free shipping at your doorstep.

    Eco-friendly mascara box

    Our ambition is to provide our next generation with fertile soil, pure air to breathe, and contamination-free natural resources. We are supporting the green movement. We are contributing to sustainable growth in the packaging industry. Nature-friendly material is used for the manufacturing of custom mascara boxes that are pollution-free. Eco-friendly Kraft paper is available for product packaging that is natural and biodegradable. Eco-friendly materials are easily disposable and recycled for the assimilation of other products or the same.

    Why choose Orchard packaging

    Custom mascara in a box is the center of attention for females. Also, they adorn mascara because of its characteristics and features. Orchard packaging is manufacturing mascara boxes with a diversity of customization options. However, this customization can be of style, shape, size, pattern or printing, designing, or finishing. Besides, customization of a packaging box is also performed after the demand of the client. Also, you can avail yourself of mascara packaging boxes with no printing. We are offering free shipping services within 8 to 12 working days with unbelievably discounted rates. We are offering you up to 50 % off on your favorite mascara packaging. Then, why think! Just pick up your phone and book your order without any delay.


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