Custom Cream Boxes


    Custom Cream boxes and packaging

    Orchard packaging is providing you with sturdy and rugged packaging for your cream boxes. Also, we will help you in customization and making your packaging captivating to attract targeted customers. Custom creams boxes are available in various shapes, sizes, patterns, styles, and prints. So, you can add customization according to your choice. We at Orchard packaging offer huge discounts. Also, unbelievable deals for our valued customers. Contact us to get well-designed. As well as, durable cream boxes at your doorstep.

    Cosmetic Cream Boxes with alluring designs

    Cosmetic companies are producing creams that can moisturize dry skins or for many other purposes. Hence, these companies are manufacturing creams that are stored in acrylic or glass bottles. These bottles demand high protection and safety. So, they have to travel long distances in terms to reach the end-users. Therefore, huge responsibility relies on the packaging. Following qualities must be present in cosmetic cream boxes:

    • They must be made up of supreme quality.
    • The material must be rugged and sturdy.
    • The box must be strong enough to handle the weight of the cream.
    • It can travel to faraway places without any damage to the internal product.
    • It must keep the cosmetic cream cool and dry.
    • Cosmetic cream boxes must prevent adverse weather conditions to reach the cream.
    • They must contain all ingredients and chemicals used in the manufacturing of the cream.
    • It must be appealing enough to grab attention.

    Strong, sturdy, and appealing cosmetic cream boxes are manufactured at delivered by orchard packaging within affordable packages.

    Customization of the cream box with printing

    Cream box customization can be done as per the demand of the worthy client. A cream box with numerous printing options is available. You can select any option from printing from our catalog. Printing is the key element in the packaging of a product. Eye-catching and sophisticated printing is the best way out. Customization of the cream box with beautiful colors. Furthermore, enchanting coloring designs is enough to grab customers’ attention towards the product. An effective and bespoke cream box packaging is that which has all the printing details on it. Printing details are given as below:

    1. Company logo
    2. Product name
    3. Trademark
    4. Effects and causes
    5. Ingredients utilized in the manufacturing of the cream
    6. Directions to use
    7. Precautions in case of allergy or misuse
    8. Manufacturing and expiry date
    9. Net weight and price

    All these options are adopted as per the requirement of the customers. The details about printing are provided by the client. Printing makes the product captivating and upgrades the level of the product. Printing of cosmetic cream box is performed with following options:

    • CMYK
    • PMS
    • No Printing
    • Raised ink

    These options are utilized up to the choice of the customers.

    Cream jars cosmetic packaging in various sizes and dimension

    Cream jars are also available in the market. Also, they are mostly utilized for those creams which have chemicals working for rejuvenation or anti-aging. These types of creams demand a cool place to store. Also, extensive can provide damage to these formula creams. So, we at orchard packaging are manufacturing cream jars cosmetic packaging. As per the need of the product. Moreover, all the customization options are available to make these jars bewitching and attractive. So, these options are given below:

    • Sizes (8pt to 28pt, or as per client’s demand)
    • Shapes (auto bottom, double wall with display, double lock with lid, tray and sleeve packaging, bottom closure, top closure, or as per the choice of customer)
    • Styles (window die-cut, front tuck, reverse tuck, double-walled)

    Moreover, all the customization is done by highly professional staff with the help of state-of-the-art machinery. Also, the perfection and neatness in crafting these cream jars’ cosmetic packaging are visible. Dimensions of the box are set according to length, height. Also, the width of the cream jar has to be placed inside the box. Furthermore, a double layer of protection can be added as per the directions of the consumer.

    Custom cream boxes wholesale at discounted rates

    Customized cream boxes are manufactured with styling and printing.  As well, various designs are available in the catalog of the orchard packaging. You can select any of them for the packaging of your cosmetic cream. Moreover, if you have any other idea in your mind about the packaging of your cream, all you have to do is to let us know. Also, we will bring your imagination to the light of reality. Custom Boxes Wholesale is available at discounted rates. As well as, affordable prices. Custom cream box retail is also manufactured. Also, provided unbelievable packages. We are also offering free shipping at your doorstep. It will save you from the cost of delivery and the hassle of time. We have to deliver your custom cream boxes within the due date to your doorstep.

    Cosmetic cream packaging by orchard packaging

    Cosmetic cream packaging is done with great care. As well as, a technicality that will keep the cream jar secure and intact in its place. It will also help the cream jar against the jerks and jolts. And prevent any damage. Cosmetic cream packaging is done with numerous finishing options such as:

    • Lamination (matte/glossy)
    • Spot ( Aqueous, UV, matte, glossy)
    • Embossing
    • Foiling ( Gold/Silver)

    Hence, the finishing options will add perfection and neatness to the printing and makes the packaging more alluring and eye-catching.


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