Custom Corrugated Boxes


    What is the corrugated box?

    If you are mixing corrugated box with cardboard box, let us clear first. The cardboard box is made up of a single sheet layer. The corrugated box is made up of three layers of sheet. One is inner, one at the outer side, and one at the middle with fluted space. These three layers provide more protection to the products. Corrugated Boxes are available in various sizes, shapes, and designs. Moreover, we manufacture Custom Corrugated Boxes according to the product. They can easily bear the weight of hefty products. Therefore, they are consumed mostly for perfumes, cosmetics, and jewelry accessories. They add protection to the inside product. Furthermore, it will make them able to travel long distances without any inconvenience. They are light in weight but strong to carry bulky things.

    Amazing features of the corrugated boxes

    If you are not familiar with corrugated packaging as the world’s best packaging, then you are at the right place to know. Custom Corrugated Boxes have amazing features that make them distinguished from others. Firstly, they keep the product intact in place. Secondly, they keep the product safe even when it is exposing to shocks, moisture, or adverse weather conditions. Corrugated  Boxes have the highest level of assurance for your product.

    Moreover, they can bear extreme weather changes for very long durations like heavy-duty boxes. They will arrive at their final destination in their proper shape. Additionally, keep the newness in appearance for a longer period. If you deliver them stacking up at each other, then they can hold weight easily. You can easily pile them up in your warehouse without any inconvenience.

    How do corrugated boxes manufacture?

    Corrugated boxes are the best-known packaging present in the market. First of all, we will talk about the manufacturing of corrugated boxes. Corrugated Mailer Boxes are made up of tree bark. They are natural. Therefore, manufacturing is exactly like a sustainable way. For instance, corrugated boxes are the most recyclable corrugated cardboard on the planet. According to a recent survey, 96% of corrugated cardboard boxes have recycled by the industry in 2018.

    Corrugated Packaging Boxes are easy to assemble as well as recycle. With the help of machines, first of all, corrugated packaging disposed-off and then converted into a re-pulp. This re-pulp is a mixture of fiber and water. Then, contaminants were removed. Furthermore, it is converted into mats and then sheets. In the end, it again converted to layers of corrugated boxes and joined together.

    Style and shape of the corrugated box

    Three layers of the corrugated box with a flute inside the two layers provide a cushion to the product. There are multiple options in flute size. However, the thickness of the flute is set as per the requirement of the client. Besides, they are available in mostly 5mm thick flutes. Truly, it is the iconic option to avail for enhancing the strength of the custom Corrugated Shipping Boxes. The double-wall option is also available in corrugated packaging. However, double walls are glued between three layers of corrugated cardboard boxes. The ability to customization makes them highly versatile and durable. Moreover, they are highly reliable for customization in size and shape. Corrugated Box Packaging which is multi-depth boxes can achieve the satisfaction of customers who are highly demanding about the packaging.

    Eco-friendly and cost-efficient

    Indeed, sustainability influences. In this era, e-commerce is very common. You can easily find your desired product and purchase it. It does not matter in which part of the world you are living in. The Corrugated Cardboard Packaging Box is eco-friendly and cost-effective. For instance, they are recyclable. Accordingly, their cost remains less and quality remains high. You don’t need to burden yourself with packaging investments. All you have to do is to invest less in high-quality moving box packaging. The sustainability of packaging can make an impact on the planet. Moreover, in recent years people are more conscious of environmentally friendly products. It will help you win the hearts of customers.

    Corrugated Packaging Wholesale is available for bulk orders at affordable prices. We are also offering free shipping services to our worthy clients. Free customer care service is also available to resolve corrugated packaging problems. Contact us for your orders at a given number or mailing address.

    Types of shipping cartons

    Orchard packaging is offering numerous types of shipping cartons. Among them, the most famous and widely used are as given below:

    • Brown Corrugated Boxes: These boxes are made up of Kraft. They are mostly available in a flat form for shipping. Moreover, they take less time in assembling and manufacturing.
    • White Corrugated Boxes: They are specially designed for shipping convenience. Further, their use in literature, photos, and catalog is common.
    • Multi-depth Corrugated Boxes: These boxes are best if you have various size products. They can assemble in any size. Therefore, they will save you from the hassle of investing in different sizes.
    • Hazardous shipping containers: These boxes have extra protection. Likely, they have a double wall with a lid. They are available in tightly pack and seal forms. Furthermore, the box contains some important instructions and precautions according to the product.

    Why Orchard packaging

    Orchard packaging strives to be the one-stop destination for all packaging needs. We are supplying Custom Corrugated Boxes Wholesale at an affordable price. Economical offers and deals are available for valued customers. Customization in size, shape, pattern, and design is also available. Furthermore, customers can select any finishing or printing option as per their requirements. We at orchard packaging are offering free customer care services as well as free shipping services.


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