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    Custom Candle Boxes customization

    Candles are delicate because of their waxy texture. They started melting down after exposure to extreme heat conditions. Candle boxes are mandatory for preventing them from any harm. Besides candle box is best for gift purposes. Custom Candle Boxes with artistic touch manufacturers at orchard packaging. You can opt for any customize option as per your requirement.

    We are offering box printing of Candle Boxes at discounted rates. Not only at affordable prices but also free shipping services and free designing services are available for our valuable customers. We will love to serve you with our design tool. For having an exclusive exquisite experience, book your order now!

    Why Custom Candle Boxes is necessary?

    Candles are used in ancient times when there was no electricity. They are made up of waxy material. In recent times, they are utilized for decoration purposes. Also, they are adding embellishment to the event. They are in high demand. Therefore, their packaging is necessary to make them travel long distances. Candle Packaging is used to save candle kits from harsh weather conditions. They are also enhancing the outlook of the product.

    Role of the best packaging

    Packaging is playing a vast role to grow your business. Custom Candle Packaging lasts an ever-lasting impression on the minds of the customers. You can customize your custom box products to enhance their beauty. Truly, beauty delights. It is an effective way to grab the attention of customers.

    1. Exceptional printing: Amazing and alluring printing options are available. Printing is available in CMYK, PMS, and no printing. Exceptional box printing with details is effective to enhance the product’s repute
    2. Details include company name, product name, logo, trademark, precautions, and directions to use.
    3. Marvelous designing: Designing Candle Boxes is mandatory for packaging. Marvelous and vibrant designs are available for enhancing the appearance of the product. They are necessary to grab customer’s attention. Designing in the background with visible graphics can make it the center of focus for clients.
    4. Logo personalization: Personalization of the product is the best way to improve marketing. No advertisement is as effective as product packaging.
    5. A Candle Box with a logo is the way to launch your product in the market. Firstly, it will help customers to remember your product. They will purchase it next time by calling the company’s name. Secondly, it will improve your repute in the market as well.
    6. Fantastic finishing: Extraordinary finishing is available to add perfection to the packaging. Tons of options in finishing are available. However, you can choose according to your packaging budget. They are matte/glossy lamination, matte/glossy/UV/AQ spots, embossing, or gold/silver foiling. Besides, they will make your product luminous and shiny.

    Importance of Eco-friendly Candle Boxes

    Candle boxes are mandatory to preserve the texture of delicate candles. With time, a man destroyed his ecosystem. He took the globe on the verge of destruction. Indeed, it is time to save the planet. We are contributing our role in this regard. Eco-friendly Candle Boxes are available. Besides, custom candle boxes manufacture in various sizes, shapes, styles, and patterns.

    We are manufacturing these candle packaging boxes and advise you to do the same.

    1. Biodegradable: A custom candle box is biodegradable. They can easily dispose of. Besides, they are completely natural and organic. Furthermore, the purpose of their usage is not to disturb the biosphere.
    2. Nature friendly: Candle Boxes are nature friendly. They don’t last carbon footprint on the planet. Also, they don’t interrupt the phenomenon of natural bio-geographical cycles.
    3. They are pollution-free. Additionally, they are fulfilling sustainable developmental goals by reducing carbon emissions.
    4. Cost-efficient: Not only environmentally friendly and disposable but also they are cost-effective. For instance, Candle Boxes Wholesale are available in Kraft paper, cardboard boxes, and corrugated paper. Additionally, they are all pocket-friendly and remain within your budget.
    5. Sustainable material: We are struggling to minimize the contamination level in the atmosphere. Therefore, we are focusing on the future of the next generations
    6. Moreover, we are reducing greenhouse gas emissions by providing you natural packaging material.

    Why choose Orchard Packaging

    Orchard packaging is UK-based manufacturers. They are struggling to bring innovation to the packaging industry. Moreover, they are producing Candle Box Packaging. Customization options are also available. You can adopt any customize option as per your choice. Besides, free designing services are also available. We would not charge you for designing assistance. Our experts have a keen eye for marketing fluctuations.

    Our services

    We will provide their assistance free of cost.

    1. Exceptional discounts at wholesale: Candle Boxes Wholesale are available for your bulk orders. To make them cost-effective for your products, we give your exceptional discounted rates.
    2. We are also providing our services at retail. Besides, you can customize your candle box for gifting it to your peers. Moreover, personalize them according to the event. We are offering up to 50% off custom candle packaging.
    3. Insane offers at retail: Candle boxes are available in multiple subscription options. These subscriptions are best for those who want to join us in long term.
    4. Moreover, we are also providing insane offers and deals for Custom Candle Boxes as well as retail services. We believe in the phenomenon of mutual growth.
    5. Timely delivery: We are offering our services to customers within time. We struggle hard to fulfill the task with perfection within the given time. Therefore, we never miss the deadlines of clients. In contrast, we always deliver their product within time.
    6. The normal delivery time is 8 to 12 working days. You will get your products at your doorstep without any inconvenience.
    7. Free shipping: We are offering free delivery services at the doorstep. We take responsibility to deliver your product within the given time. We care about your business and know the marketing hurdles. Therefore, free shipping services are available at wholesale as well as retail.

    Then why wait for! Pick your phone, make a call at the given helpline or contact us via mail. We will love to assist you and get a custom quote.


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