Chinese Takeout Boxes


    Convenient Chinese Takeout Boxes

    Chinese Takeout Boxes are the first choice of retailers as well as customers. They are durable and reliable. Moreover, their versatile nature makes them trustworthy for restaurants. Undoubtedly, they impose a long-lasting impression on the minds of customers. Also, they can preserve the food in the best possible way. Chinese Takeout Boxes are strong enough to handle the weight of the food.
    Chinese takeout boxes are perfect to carry hot liquid or solid food.
    • They can be placed in the microwave oven.
    • These boxes are easy and convenient to handle.
    • They came in numerous styles and embellishments.
    • Chinese boxes are perfect to carry food to faraway places without any inconvenience.
    • Moreover, these boxes are cost-efficient.

    The first-class quality material of Chinese takeout boxes

    Chinese takeout boxes are available in exceptional quality material. The packaging material has unlimited qualities and characteristics. Robust quality material is available for the manufacturing of the food. Moreover, Chinese takeout boxes are eco-friendly and pollution-free. They are recyclable and compostable. Also, their recyclable nature makes them nature-friendly. Orchard Packaging is offering first-class top-notch quality for Chinese food boxes. Besides, these boxes are available in various materials. However, it is up to the choice of the client for which option he goes.
    • Kraft paper
    • Cardboard
    • Multi-layered cardboard

    Artistically design Custom Chinese Takeout Boxes

    Chinese takeout boxes are available in jaw-dropping designs. Numerous printing and designing options are available for the manufacturing of the food. Chinese boxes are available in the following styles
    • Brown Kraft Chinese box with and without a handle.
    • Pagoda Chinese food boxes with and without handle
    • White Chinese food boxes with or without a handle.
    • Bottom closure boxes
    • Top closure boxes
    • Double-wall food box
    • The window die cut with PVC
    Customization of these artistically designed Chinese boxes is available within a pocket-friendly budget. Various artistic custom designs enhance the beauty and visibility of Chinese takeout boxes.

    Get a discount at Wholesale Chinese Takeout Boxes

    Bulk orders for Chinese food boxes are taken at orchard packaging. We at orchard packaging are not only fulfilling the consignment on time but also offering the best prices in town. Besides, Chinese Food Boxes are exceptional in their looks and functions. Also, they are cost-effective. Furthermore, wholesale Chinese food packaging is available at the lowest rates. We are offering insane discounts and packages for a wholesale Chinese food box. You can avail of up to 50% at wholesale Chinese boxes. Moreover, retail Chinese food packaging is also available for small quantity orders. You can order us according to your need and we will accomplish the task without any inconvenience. Further, many packages are available for retail Chinese orders.

    Exceptional features of Custom Chinese Takeout Boxes

    Chinese takeout boxes are available for storing and securing heavy saucy food. They can also store hot liquid or solid without any damage. Truly, Chinese Takeout Boxes Wholesale has numerous exceptional features and qualities.
    • They can store food without any spillage or leakage.
    • The durability of the box makes them hold food for a longer period.
    • These boxes keep the food secure from contamination.
    • They protect the food against pollutants.
    • Chinese food boxes are handy to handle.
    Moreover, clients can also personalize Chinese Food Packaging with a logo. Food packaging with a logo is the best way to introduce your food items to the market. In this way, people can remember your company or restaurant the next time when they order.

    Our excellent services at Orchard Packaging

    Orchard packaging is offering 24/7 customer care services to resolve packaging issues related to Food Boxes. Moreover, our exceptionally talented customer care representatives are available to provide their services at a phone call away. If you have any ambiguity related to Chinese food packaging, you can make a call at a given helpline and clear your obscurity. Besides, we are also offering custom designs and free design support for the food boxes. Orchard packaging is also offering free shipping services to its reliable customers. Truly, these exceptional services can prepare you to enter the packaging industry to enter the race.

    Shop at Orchard Packaging

    Orchard packaging is a multi-purpose packaging manufacturer. They are providing their services with honesty and dedication. Also, they are determined to help you out in a highly competitive environment with their exceptional services. We at orchard packaging are ready to solve your problems related to Chinese food packaging. Customization in printing and designing of the Chinese takeout box is available.
    Further, a custom Chinese takeout box is available in various sizes from 8oz to 28oz, in several printing options such as CMYK, PMS, Digital printing, 3-D printing, etc. Additionally, you can select any option according to your choice and budget. Orchard packaging can do compromise the price of the box for its clients but not on the quality of our boxes. Undoubtedly, our packaging quality is our image front in the market.


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